Friday, August 5, 2011

Yay! It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday!

I have not been stitching as work has taken over a bit... I am off for four whole days! YAY! YIPEE! I am very glad to be away from work. It's a great job but everyone needs a break sometimes...

Ben has decided to stay in bed as it's too early to make  any sudden moves
It's performance day for Emma so we will be off a KAS this afternoon. Ben has informed me that we need to go grocery shopping as he will need certain foods for when the girls and I head to Spokane. Not too much planned for the other 22 hours in this day.

I will run at some point today- I bought a ipod nano (on sale of course) for training. I am loving the clip feature.

It looks like Ben isn't moving.

Here is the latest progress on the French Country Star--- it's coming along...

I am looking forward to Spokane and it's crafty needlework type places. I am also looking forward to spending time with my ladies and Mom.

Until next time...


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So the training has begun in earnest and...

It's not half bad. I really do like running. There are people who hate it but I'm not one of them. I actually enjoy it once I get going. I just should really never stop as it is really hard to get going if you even leave it a week. I will get the stamina back, it's just going time ...

Tomorrow is my last day at work for four days yay! The store is crazy busy and I am looking forward to heading to Spokane :)

Until next time...


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