Friday, August 5, 2011

Yay! It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday!

I have not been stitching as work has taken over a bit... I am off for four whole days! YAY! YIPEE! I am very glad to be away from work. It's a great job but everyone needs a break sometimes...

Ben has decided to stay in bed as it's too early to make  any sudden moves
It's performance day for Emma so we will be off a KAS this afternoon. Ben has informed me that we need to go grocery shopping as he will need certain foods for when the girls and I head to Spokane. Not too much planned for the other 22 hours in this day.

I will run at some point today- I bought a ipod nano (on sale of course) for training. I am loving the clip feature.

It looks like Ben isn't moving.

Here is the latest progress on the French Country Star--- it's coming along...

I am looking forward to Spokane and it's crafty needlework type places. I am also looking forward to spending time with my ladies and Mom.

Until next time...


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So the training has begun in earnest and...

It's not half bad. I really do like running. There are people who hate it but I'm not one of them. I actually enjoy it once I get going. I just should really never stop as it is really hard to get going if you even leave it a week. I will get the stamina back, it's just going time ...

Tomorrow is my last day at work for four days yay! The store is crazy busy and I am looking forward to heading to Spokane :)

Until next time...


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hotels are booked ... !

The girls, my Mom and I are heading to Spokane on Saturday. Yay! There is a completely excellent needlework store  Haberdashery Needlework Shop. I am making my list already:) - This is an annual trip that is going on three years. The girls are very patient with the needlework shop as it equates to them shop shop shopping.  Maggie didn't come with us last year so she will be making up for lost time.

Emma has been in an acting camp this past week and next. They are doing a Broadway musical review. I dropped in early for pick up and it sounds fabulous! The performance is Friday. She has come down with a rotten cold... stunning isn't she :)
Here's the latest ornament  - it's the French Country Star from the 2010 JCS Ornament Issue. I have done this one before and gave it away. I may keep this one. I will see how it turns out.

My half and full marathon training started this week and I am liking it so far. Of course it has finally gotten hot here so it won't be as pleasant to train in the heat but I will make it thru lol.

Not much else to report...

Until next time...


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long time no post...

It's been a long time in posting and I am sorry for that. When I think back to the past six months I am glad to be moving forward.

My Uncle died early Friday morning. He was 85. He was a funny and clever man who I will miss, I have great memories of him.


On the health front I am good. I had a series of migraines last week and very happy to report they were due to weather and nothing else. I am starting my half and full marathon training this week! SO excited to start running again. I am going slow and steady. Only I would look forward to the actual training.

On the stitching front... I have finished a few things. This is the latest ornament. I worked on it during Ben's martial arts class. It was a quick stitch and I can not tell you the fabric or the thread as I just grabbed it out of my stash.

This moose is a freebie pattern my Mom found on the web. It is my at work project. It took me quite a while as I worked on it done my breaks at work. I don't usually take my break they are kind of an off floor work time... but this does actually show that I have been taking some time for myself at work.

It's kind of a sad representation of what I have been working on lately but it is better than nothing. Emma and I drove to Bellingham on Friday for a quick overnight trip. We didn't spend a whole lot of money but did a lot of looking. We did go to Jo Ann's Fabric and Crafts. I got some fabulous fabric for Halloween. I could have all the choices but narrowed it down to three. I have no idea what I will use them  for but they are just very cool.

That's all for today. I can't promise my next update will be but I can say there will be one:) I am cleaning out my closet and drawers toady. Phil is doing a small job and then we are both going for a run.

Until next time...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday... YAY!

Today is full of stitching, cooking and resting. I have a project that needs completing and  turkey to cook. It will be a fun day. I want Phil to hang the clothes line in the back garden so I can get some laundry done. I will post later to show the progress on everything. YAY!

Until next time...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

One day at a time ,one week at a time...

I had hoped to post mid week but really didn't have any stitching to show and hoped I would get a little done this weekend. I managed to so read on...

First it's brag about the kids time...

Emma had her recital this week ( hockey Wednesday ) and she was just excellent. She loves musical theatre and her pieces sung at the recital reflected that. She wasn't crazy about the camera so this shot reflects that.

Ben has start Tae Kwon Do. He started the 15th of May. We thought it would be great exercise... He is doing really well. At Monday's lesson the instructor mentioned the house tournament , Phil came home and asked me if Ben was entering. I said no he's only been in this for a month why would we do that to him... At Wednesday's lesson I spoke with the instructor and he thought it would great for him to participate and see what a tournament was like... Fast forward to Sat am and juggling work , soccer and wee relapse of illness. Phil dropped Ben and I relieved him just before Ben was up to do compete. Ben stands when called introduces himself and begins... he does not go through to the gold round. He is called to complete for third. I am so proud as he is so strong and confident. The kids wins bronze. Ten kids in his age group and he is a month in and wins BRONZE!!!  I was teary and so very proud! CRAZY!

Ok on the stitching front...

Here is the latest pics...
This is my latest ornament. I am working on this at Ben's Tae Kwon Do. It's almost done.

This is an exchange project I am working on.

Phil has had an excellent father's day and Maggie is super stoked about school almost being finished. All in all life is getting back to normal.

Until next time


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad blogger!

For those wonderful stitchers and family who read this blog I am very sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have thrown myself back into work and have not stitched a whole lot nor have I done much else. Not anything much worth blogging about.

On the health front I have been feeling a bit stronger everyday. YAY! I am still suffering shoulder pain when I over do it but slowly things are getting better. I am grateful.

We have been working on the yard today and Phil will be pleased as he has ACHIEVED something today. - Sorry family joke... We planted tomatoes and pumpkins along with Ben's Lilac tree. We also got some rock for the rock garden and have got most of spread. This would explain the sore shoulder and fatigue now.

The kids are good. Emma is on her final week of Into the Woods next week. YAY! It's been more work this time as she is crew and not cast = not as much fun for her or us. Ben is enjoying martial arts a lot. Maggie is off to a movie tonight with a "friend". Time just continues to march on. Em and Mags have a week left of school and Ben two. Where did this year go?

I have a busy week planned involving a concert , a play and work. I am hoping to start SLOWLY running as well so let see how that goes.

Until next time...


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