Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glee, some stitching and Phil

This is the dismal progress I have made on La D Da's A-Z &Between. I am hoping to stitch some more today but not counting on it.

Here's the group minus one dog  watching "Glee" and being there for their Dad. Phil got home last night and the group decided watching "Glee" in our room was of the upmost importance.I took photos,made popcorn and stitched. We are still waiting to hear on Phil's Mum. I am also waiting to hear from the British Embassy about his passport. As I said yesterday it's a long sorted tale with too many details. Phil is beginning the phone calls so I'd better run... I have children to ship off to school and day 3 of P90X ... oh boy :) J

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some days are just not very good...

I have sad news... my husband's mum isn't well and we don't expect a recovery.Phil was in Vancouver when I got the call. There are a lot of details left out here because--- well just too much to explain. Phil is on his way home now and we will see what tomorrow brings. :(

Monday, April 26, 2010

First day of P90 X

So my co mgr at the Bux is doing P90X and I have lost my mind and joined her. I did my first workout this afternoon and I am very sure I will pay dearly tomorrow.  Day 1 down 89 to go.  I am off in the shower and to cheer Miss Emma up as she is cranky from too much acting,school and not enough sleep. Shower first - :) J

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a beautiful Sunday morning !

We are in the middle of our busy weekend and I am taking a moment to stitch and think. Phil and I are so  lucky to have such an awesome family. Here are some pics...
This is the poster for Miracle Worker, Emma has been hard rehearsing and I am looking forward to seeing the productionMaggie and her friend Jodie had a sleepover. We don't expect to see them for a bit.Em,Phil,myMom and I went to see the KAS production of Sweeney Todd last night. It was just AWESOME.

Here is Ben discovering how to master his pokemon game. He's not even dressed yet lol.
As I wrote earlier this week I have had a series of migraines so stitching has been at a slow down. I haven't got a lot done but here's the progress. Until tomorrow... J

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big weekend ahead...

Good Friday all !

I am still suffering from a migraine - this knd of sucks. I opened today and had to leave a tad early because of the head. The Butler's have a huge weekend with soccer, Emma's rehearsals,Emma's Snow White performance and work. I wouldn't mind getting in a round of golf too but I am sure that goes to the bottom of the list.
On the stitching front I went to Angel night last night and didn't accomplish much but sure laughed a lot as usual. I have decided to work on the needlebook Thursdays and need to purchase a magnifier as 32 count gets smaller and smaller as the night moves on.I also need to find a set of long scroll bars for my "Big Zipper"- I have a great lapstand this project will be easy to work on. I have been working on a small project at work and one beside my bed. I will post pictures soon. Happy weekend everyone...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop me now...

I do not have pictures right now but I must report I went into the garage and pulled out a bag of  stitching items. I get this way when I am medicated from a migraine and I become a tad manic... I decide I have to do something right then and there , I then become overwhelmed and walk away from a mess. I am awesome! LOL. The mess I have left in the sticthing/office is not that bad but I did discover I should NOT have placed an on line needlework order as I had forgotten I have a BUNCH of super groovy stuff to stitch already...oops  let's not share this with Phil. I was able to order Christmas Hares from Plum Street today and a few other goodies so the guilt is not that bad... I have been plugging away at one of the projects I started this weekend and am ready to hit the pit.
 Phil and I were just discussing my big 40. My Mom ,twin sister Marnie and I are heading to Seattle to outlet shop . This is the second annual"run to for the border"birthday shopping spree. Before we head out it looks like we may be going to my niece's Mother's Day Tea - I am so excited !!! I love it when a plan comes together...:0) I hope you were able to follow all of this - until tomorrow- J



Here I am watching "Bones" with a lingering headache that was a migraine yesterday... yuck but I am determined to relax and not worry today... something is wrong with that statement.I will get some stitching in later.It's a beautiful day and the temperature is suppose to get to 23C.Yippee! It's almost time to plant pumpkins. I know this is all random -  sorry. I may also do some online needlwork shopping. Oh boy stop me now :)
Here's a picture of the boys. I tried to get them to sit still - this is the best I could do...

Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend now with pictures..

This past weekend the "Angels" came over for a sleepover weekend. We had a great time. We ate,drink some martinis and wine (sometimes together) stitched and laugh a lot ! This group of fabulous ladies are my close true friends. I am thankful that I decided I would attempt to stitch  a big a$$ angel eight years ago( still a ufo btw) and that I asked my Mom and great friend Sue to join me. We formed a support group that most likely needs a twelve step program as we are enablers... lol
I have all kinds of pictures - this is one of the "starts" I am stitching it on tea/VIA dyed and baked 32 count belfast- it was a lot of fun dying the fabric.This is the finished fabric. I dyed a big piece and think it will work for all knids of Halloween tye projects :)I ordered these Carriage House Samplings and I love to just look at them. I also got "One Stag Leaping" and I passed it on to my friend Sue and the stag looks like her greyhound Scout.These came in the mail the day before the ladies arrived! I LOVE each of them ... oh boy I need help!

Diana did these sheep the bottom right all french knots!!!! I like to call them "F" knots.
I also order these very cool scissors and my very talented friend Pam made us all groovy needlecases to suit our tastes. Sue and I got Halloween ones. My Mom got a fall theme, Lesia cats,Herb sail boats, Diana  dogs and Lorraine dragon flies. Our Pam is so clever. She has designed several surface pieces and is an instructor with EGA.
I managed to finish a few things this weekend - this mitten is done.These boots are so cute!
"Betty Boo" is done ;0) This is a really cool needlebook I have started- I imagine it will be a year long project but I love it too. My final start is the Big Zipper by Bent Creek. Yet another year long project . I relly like how big the count on this is as it will be great for when my eyes are tired.
That's it,that's all ! Whew... until next time :)

A completely EXCELLENT weekend!

Hey All,

 We had a very productive weekend it was just awesome. I promise pictures will follow tomorrow after a sort everything out. Thanks Angels it was fun!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's almost here!!!

This is a message of ramblings! The ladies are coming, the ladies are coming! Yippee! We begin our stitching weekend tomorrrow. I have been cleaning and stitching floss tags so we shall see they turn out. I promise to post our finishes and starts as we go. I am hoping to start many  projects and perhaps finish one lol. I am raring to go !


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's TUESDAY! I did a 3.5 mile run and watched "Glee" I am getting super excited for the weekend. I am taking an extra day off as I am CLEANING,CLEANING,CLEANING! It's almost time for bed. I share the cutest picture of Felix ( one of our two borders ) he is fond of lying in front of the mirror. lol
Here is Miss Emma with her Felix...

Monday, April 12, 2010

This past weekend and this coming one...

Hi All! ( I actually wonder who might be all if any but this blogging is fun!)

I spent most of Sunday organizing my craft protion of the stitching room/ office. The problem with that is while "organizing" a person discovers all the treasures one has collected. I like to collect lovely patterns and I have more projects than I will have hours to stitch but I love them all :) Here are some pictures of the progress
I am just getting started in there and must not get distracted by threads,fabric and more...

Onward to this weekend... The Thursday night ladies are coming over for the weekend. We are going to stitch, eat and maybe have a few beverages. We do this October each year and have so much fun. We head to the hills in October where there is no real contact from our non stitching lives. We won't get that this weekend but the Butler offspring and spouse are heading to my Mom's ( she is a Thurs night lady) and I will be forwarding all call to her phone lol:) I am going to start all new projects because I can. Oh well :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Sunday !!!

It's been a fantastic week... strange and fantastic. I cut my hair to just above my shoulders. I went back to a lovely lady who cut my hair a few years ago. I am so glad I did. I have not stitched a whole lot this weekend as I have opened 4 days in a row ( that gets me up at 3:20am) and have been super tired. Speaking of work it's been a great week with some great success inside of a project we have been focussing on. Yippee!

I am organizing the stitching room today WOOT ! I will post some pictures later ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

So it goes!

This is my martini (it's more juice than booze I promise) and stitched item for my first floss tag- you may note I was hoping to get the tag done Wednesday and well it didn't happen (shocker)Here's my latest project...

It's been a crazy week - strange and crazy. I have decided to have one martini (that turned into two lol) and post my recent stitches on the crazy blog... Will be back tomorrow:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As promised a whole bunch of rambling...

It's been a week of illness and migraines at the Chez Butler and it's time it stopped. I am quite determined to get my butt in gear today ( not sure if my body is ready but I'll let you know later) Emma is on the mend and full of spunk and energy- she exhausts me at times but bless her ,she is full of light. She had her first rehearsal last night for "The MiracleWorker"
She came home excited and energized. It's neat to see.
Maggie seems to be humming along - it's tough to read the teenage girls' mind so actions speak louder than words. She cleaned out her closet Sunday and gave some of her prized clothing possessions to her sister as hand me downs (hence the humming along). Maggie is one of the greatest people I know, she is steady and kind. I always tell people she is the best of both Phil and I. She is also an excellent cook. She made these fabulous brownies on Easter Monday.The icing was hand done and she mixed up the colours herself. She is a big help in the kitchen and if she keeps up the brownies I am hooped .

Ben (no this is not Ben) is the gamer as I have mentioned before. He was so excited when he and his Dad went to Blockbuster and he managed to con his Papa into buying this big a$$ Mario. He is the action figure king- is Mario an action figure?

That's what is going on in the Butler household and now on to the stitiching front... I am not sure if this picture has been up before. This is my version of |"Quaker Bat" I will make it a pillow before Halloween this year I am just looking for the right fabric.
Here are the "Very Merry Spring" eggs Emma and made last week. I hope to make them into "stuffed eggs" later this week . Emma's first attempt on linen turned out great.
Here is my latest one colour wonder, it's a ornament from the Just Cross Stitch Ornie issue. Emma is working on it too;)

I believe that is all for now. I am going to stitch a floss tag today to just try it :) I love "The Twisted Stitcher" she has some fabulous tutorials on how to do things and today is the day HA HAH! It's off to Michaels and perhaps the mall. A nap be in order as all this planning has made me tired lol :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I don't know where to begin...

I am a lousy blogger - there I have said it and it is out there. I have some great pictures I hope to load tomorrow. I just have been under the weather and it has hard to get above it. I seem to be sleeping  a lot and not accomplishing much. I will post a much more exciting note tomorrow :)


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