Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's my favourite holiday and I have a sore throat...

Here it is Halloween and all I want to do is sleep...I opened this am and it's nap time as my throat is sore...
The pumpkins are almost carved the kids have two more to go. I have not really decorated this year as I have lost my boo-jo...

This is a Bent Creek I have been working on only at the cabin. I will be a pillow soon lol
He's a Flake is cute I am hope it will make the tree this year
This is of course Stitch - it is a quick stitch I just am not getting to it.

I am off for my nap and then it will be close to Trick or Treating ! Ben is Mario to his best friends Luigi , Emma is a peacock and Mags is working so I am not sure if she is dressing up.

Until next time,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am in so much trouble...

I spent the day in the "room" and my plan was to sort, put away and organize for the weekend.  I found SEVERAL projects to bring to the cabin... all are new and really probably not be started until I finish a few other things. hmmmm what to do...

I'm going in...

Yesterday I cleaned our room. Yes - it is mopped and a basically dog hair free except for the two black and whites I woke up with on my bed this morning...hmmm... Now to tackle the stitching room. I am hoping to listen to a book on my ipod as it will keep my mind busy and MAYBE I won't be tempted to stop and play with all the groovy stuff in there.

On the stitching front there is progress on a ornament and two Halloweenie type things. I have to purchase a new card for my camera so I can post some pictures today.  I will pick it up after my nephew's soccer game today.

We took the kids to see RED last night and it was just awesome! If you get a chance to see it GO! It is really really really good. Ben even enjoyed it. We went to the Paramount where the theater is huge and the popcorn is awesome. (Maggie works there too so she and Ben saw it for free)

Four more sleeps until the cabin. I can't wait! A part of the reason for clean up is to find some projects to take with me... Yippee! In past years I have had stockings to stitch and was on a deadline - this year not so much so I can do whatever I want. I do have one stocking but I am not too worried as it will get worked on at night when my eyes are gone and I need really big fabric to work on.

First up tea and Coronation Street so I must be off.

Until next time,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more day and seven more sleeps...

I am on the last day of 9 in a row on tomorrow. YAY! I have the weekend off then I work 2 and  prep for the fabulous stitching weekend with the Angels! Yippee it's off to the cabin we go for 4 days and 3 night of stitchaplooza! Chips,chocolate,wine and very good company! I can't wait ! Life is good!

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday again!

I have not done a whole lot of stitching this past month... It's just not been high on the priority list. We have sorted Ben's school out a bit and Emma's schedule. Mags has been working way too much so we haven't seen a whole lot of her. It's a crazy life I lead.

Running is going well as is WW. I ran 6 miles on Monday and it was tough but eventally my body will remember I can do this and have done this before. I am almost looking forward to it most days. I don't when it comes last and I still need to squeeze it in.

Emma is not well today, she was up most of last night throwing up her dinner.She will be home today. She'll miss her voice lesson but it can't be helped.

Mags, Ben and I are off to the Bux to get some hc and joe so I must go. I will find pictures to post soon.

Until next time ,


Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh the blog the neglected blog...

It's been a crazy week with parent teacher conferences, acting classes starting and mini soccer jamborees. I am so glad it's October. September, December and June are nuts for kids and moms.I love October for all kinds of reasons... It is the month of my favourite holiday - Halloween. The best reason to love October is the weekend at the cabin. The angel ladies go to a cabin outside of Kelowna the 3rd week of October.The count down is on we are 3weeks away and I can't wait! Appies ,wine and stitching! Woot!

I don't have a whole lot of stitching to show you... maybe tomorrow

Until next time,


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