Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog worthy...

I am fortunate to have two very awesome siblings. I have a twin sister and a big brother. We were all able to get together Sunday for my nephew's birthday and had a really nice time. That is not the purpose of this post. The real reason is what my brother and sister in law have in their basement... I have been trying to figure out how to post these for a bit (no comment Bri as it was way to easy...) Yes ICE COLD BEER on tap. It's very tasty too.

Definitely blog worthy - better way late than never.

It was a great day that again was hosted by BJSCA and Z, thanks to you all!

Until next time...



That's how I have been feeling today. I really shouldn't be but I am. There is absolutely no reason to feel BLAH. Here's what's been happening at chez Butler

Emma- call backs were a success and those of you who are  KAS fans you will see her as Duffy in Annie and the chorus of Evita. Yipee! That is a relief.

Ben- started martial arts two weeks ago and is progressing nicely. He gets a yellow stripe on Wednesday :)

Maggie - got the 3rd highest mark in her math class ! Wow! Way to go Mags. She also is cruising along at work so life is pretty good.

Phil - has been working on our master bath (yay!) and bidding work like crazy

Me - I have been cleared to go back to work May 30th. I am excited! I am just happy to be going back. I am hoping I will be able to keep up the pace and stay at work.

I haven't been stitching a whole lot as the mojo just hasn't been there... here are the progress pics

The left is a snowman ornament I am working on and of course Halloween Rules.

I also have been slowly working on a stocking but no progress picture for that yet...

Until next time...


Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's been a busy weekend. Emma had her call backs and doesn't believe she did well. We won't know until Friday so it's wait,wait,wait.

I am on rest for the next week as my stomach is just not getting better. It is frustrating but also a great stitching opportunity so I can't complain too much.

This is Apple Quaker Style. It's for Ben's teacher. I am planning to work on Halloween Rules for the day while Emma and I watch Netficks.
First we are off to grocery store to get groceries for dinner tonight and the week.

Until next time...


Friday, May 13, 2011

Something is up with Blogger

 I am not sure what is up with Blogger but I lost most of my last post??? Oh well. Here's the update. I am back in my bed for the next week - not sure what's what but I am following dr's  orders. Phil,Mags and Ben  are of to a movie and Em and I will find something on Shaw. It will be a quiet night.
I am almost finished Apple Quaker style and I hope to work on it tonight.

Not much to report.

Until next time...


It's Ben's birthday and he's 10!!!

I am in love! He is just so cute! He is 10 today. When I asked him what he was having for dinner at Joey's tonight he said "chicken lettuce wraps and a bite of everyone else's " That's a great plan smart man!

I am off to the doctor again today. I am on heavy duty pain meds and really just want to know what is wrong with me. Hopefully some answers will come today.

On to stitching. All the stash I ordered well I was home sick has arrived. I am excited and a littler concerned about my grandeous plans for stockings etc... Oh well. The one who dies with the most stash wins! On to the pics

I finished "He's a Flake" on the weekend. I used black beads for his eyes as I am not a fan of the "F" knot. I think that is 4 ornaments done! WOOT!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today is my birthday...

I always find my birthday a bit of a let down - not sure why. I was suppose to work today but instead spent the first part in bed, the next at the doctor and lab and followed up with work where I was totally useless because of the pain I was in. I am having pain in my left side and shoulder. It's kind of a mystery and hopefully tomorrow I will have some answers.

I got some stash in the mail that I purchased as a birthday present to me (any excuse will do) I will post a picture tomorrow I promise. SO EXCITED! I have been working on PS' Sweeping Cobwebs but am getting a little bored of dmc's 3371 so I may have to start something new (again any excuse) Sleep is in order right now.

Until next time...


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little finish...

I finished this yesterday - I am not sure what I will make out  of it... The fabric is much brighter than it looks and I used leftover black crow from my LK exchange. I am itching to start something new but really should work on some WIP.  I am home from work today as I am super tired. I have a lot of paperwork I can here so I am going to work on that as well. It's time for more gravol and boost to make sure I sleep and eat ( if I am honest with myself I believe it's the eating or lack of that is slowing me down) Today is operation sleep and eat with a little stitching thrown in.

Until next time...


Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 2 Again we are AWESOME-

Sue is more awesome than I as she did 11 run 1minute walk 1 minute. I only got through 8 and then pooped out. I am seriously sucking at the stamina department. I am getting better...

On the stitching front. I have not done a whole lot. This working thing sucks a little as I am not stitching nearly as much. Oh well hhhmmm....

Until next time...


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