Tuesday, December 28, 2010

revising the list of 15

I had full intentions of having most of my 15 projects be new. I have reconsidered and am going to have new and 8 WIP/UFOs. I will post that list tomorrow as I now have to walk to hall of shame and collect 8 WIP/UFOs ...

I most likely will not be posting later today so everything is being transfer to the Mac Book - I am spoiled!

I did finish the mitten and started something new ( it's a take to work on my break project)I will post pics when I figure out how to did it on my Mac

Until next time...


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Ho Ho everyone!

Well  that's another one done and a fully spoiled lot at the Butler household... wow! Phil bought me a Mac Book Pro --- wow! Apparently I just take it into Simply computing and they will set it all up for me... WOW!Spoiled! I also received a gift certificate to Lulu --- I am completely overwhelmed -- so much that earlier today a migraine reared it's ugly head... oh well to bed I soon go...

The kids have had an excellent couple of days. We went to my brother and sister inlaws last night and it was so much fun. They then came home to open one present ( Maggie always asks for the pj type present to open) Here they are last night

Here they are hamming it up! So cute!

Here are the treats for Santa !

 The kids got up at 7:45am which was decent. I was up before them! We had a great morning opening presents with my Mom and the kids were spoiled! Ben got two new Monopoly playing toques--- A sock monkey mowhaw and a Gumba. We are in trouble now.Santa gave him Monopoly Streets for Wii and the kids have palyed two games already.

Here's the mitten- it is so close to being finished- I have such a headache but can't seem to stop stitching on it. I need therapy!

Until next time...

Friday, December 24, 2010

About ready to pick...

My fifteen projetcs...

Thoughts,concerns comments???

I am thinking
1. Angels Sing - Heart in Hand

2. Pumpkin Hill - WIP - SB

3. Here we go a Haunting SB

4.Three Pale Eggs

5.Trick or Treat - SB

6. A Primitive Stocking- CHS

7. Saint Peter's Fair-SB

8.All Dolled Up! LHN

9.Happy Bunny Bunny Day - The Trilogy

10. Happy Haunting - SB

11.Into the Night - SB

12.Christmas Elf Fairy - WIP -Mir

13.A Boo C - WIP -CWD

14. Moonshadow Path- Full Cirlce


Feel free to comment

Until next time ,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here we go the final push...

I have had a not so nice time with this sinus infection - I am better but have realized I am not super woman and need to just admit defeat when I need to. I stood in the cold for three hours yesterday ring the bells for the Salvation Army and probably shouldn't have. Oh well. I came home tuck my toes in and slept for a bit.

Today I am working later so I am working on the stocking and waiting for Ben to wake up as we are playing Monopoly this am. I'm taking Mags to work for 11:45 so I will pick up the last of the shopping. I have groceries to do still and then I am done. There is all that wrapping... I am not going to think of that right now.

Here's some pictures of the latest progress

Until next time...


Monday, December 20, 2010

I did some cleaning of "The Room" and discovered...

I could easily  go without ever buying another stitching anything - stitch for the rest of my life quite happily. It's a sad sick disease I have that needs a 12 step program I think. I could easily start the 15 projects in 15 day without having to order anything. I may just do that... I did find 15 ufos or so --- should I just go with thoses? What do you think?

Until next time...


Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting ready for the party...

Tomorrow is the BFACP- The Butler Family Annual Christmas Party.  We are busy getting the house in shape. I am heading to bed now as I over did it today. I hit Costco, Wal Mart, Bowring and Home Sense. Tomorrow is Nuts and Bolts day. I make a batch for various people and one for my brother. He doesn't like to share so it is much easier on all concerned for him to have his very own batch.  I will post pictures on the party Sunday

Until next time...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now that's taken care of...

I believe I have shared my slight obession with Colin Firth before ... I love him as an actor and now as a human being as I heard of an article in which a female writer was interviewing him at lunch- the waiter asked if she would like fries or salad and my Colin Firth said something like -she will have the fries- then after the waiter left he said fries don't count if someone else orders them for you... I LOVE THIS MAN.

Now for the progress on the stocking...The picture is not the best but it coming along. I am planning on a day with Mr Darcy and the stocking.

Until next time...


hmmm contemplating ...

Well- as crazy as it seems I am contemplating the start of the 15 projects in the first 15 days of January--- what do you think? My friend Sue will think I'm nuts but I know I ceratinly have 15 projects to start. I may gather 15 ufos instead... YES - I am sure I can find that many ufos. As I type I believe it will be ufos and perhaps a new project or two.

I am taking a sick day to sleep and get better today.I can use the time to working on the stocking. Phil has a headache so I better go get him a cup of tea and some Advil.

Until next time...


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The ladies are coming ! The ladies are coming!

It's Sunday and the Angels are coming for brunch. I am blessed to have Phil and Maggie home safe and sound:)

I am looking forward to the stitching and laughter. Yipee! I have have some random pictures of needlework and such have a look...
Emma and Ben on their "special "hats for the our epic monopoly game.

The stocking...
it's coming along
Nintendo Monopoly...
the tree of miss fit toys...
The native moose Phil brought me from England hmmmm (excuse the lousy pic as I am sick here...)
Ben when he thought he was losing (he won the game btw)
That's all for now as some of the ladies are here...
Until next time...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wow --- did those ever kick my a double dollar..

Greetings... I am day two of the antibiotic cocktail of nose,eye and oral. This is kicking my butt lol , I am sure in a good way... I am working on the stocking right now and then will be heading back to sleep. I slept all afternoon and really think sleep is a good idea.

The stitching ladies are over for brunch tomorrow so excited!

Until next time...


Friday, December 10, 2010

The tree is up...

It doesn't have lights yet but it is up! I mentioned earlier this week I have had a migraine. This morning I woke up with a crusty eye and all kinds of ickies coming out of my nose... hhhmmm. Off to work I went and more ickies and a migraine hhhhmmm I dialed my doctor who was over booked and yelling in the background for me to come now off on my lunch break I went. Diagnosis --- sinus infection draining causing crusty eye and migraine... hhhmmmm. Antibiotics,antibiotic eye drop and antibiotic nasal spray --- check! I am waiting now for all of it to work.

I am excited that I will soon have my head back to normal... as normal as it can be anyway... The Angels are coming for a stitch and brunch Sunday and I am looking forward to it. It will be even better now!Yay!

On the stitching front the stocking coming along SWEET!

Until next time...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So much to do and so little time...

Today will be busy day. I have to finish up the Christmas shopping, work on the stocking and drive Emma to various acting and singing type things. I have a migraine hangover and really would just like to sleep all day.

The happy travellers are home Friday. Yay! I am super excited as we have missed them. They are off to London by train to spend a few days and then it's home. The time sure has gone fast!Wow!

I will try and post some pictures tonight of the stocking as it is coming along.

Until next time,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the agenda ...

I am off to work shortly and then it's groceries, running, laundry,decorating and stitching. My head does not hurt at the moment and this is making me SUPER happy. Ben hasn't been feeling well so we will have a quite day today. I want him to learn to ice skate this winter so that may be in our future tomorrow.

High ho everyone!

Until next time,


Friday, December 3, 2010

It's my blog and I will whine if I want to...

I am so not getting anything done! I have so much stitching I want to do...This headache is just rotten and I want it to go away!
I am making slow progress on the stocking --- I want to get a dent in it today so I will post a pic asap. I taped all kinds of tv so I am off to sleep a bit and watch my show --- then stitch~

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have a reaaly great job... really I do

Today I just feel like I have been kicked in the teeth. It just was not a good day. I am suffering from a wretched migraine and had to prensent my year end business results... WHICH WERE AMAZING btw but when you are the top store for sales in two districts you get attacked by those who enjoy finding your flaws. I am done for today and perhaps tomorrow but I will of course be there for Friday morning

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ok take two... Emma is 13!

Well Emma is officially 13 !We celebrate tonight at the Cabana - she is getting a pocket camcorder that hasn't arrived yet so I had her go online to look at this am. Her other gift from Ben and Mags hasn't arrived either which urks me a bit as it should have made it by now hmmmm.
I am importing some pictures as stitching --- 179 apparently  huh? Oh they are mostly of Emma and not of my stitching...hhhmmmm it is taking a while what a goober

Ok so once they actually are loaded here's what you are looking at

Angel ,Tina's stocking and Merry Christmas from my heart to yours.I have made some progress on the stocking... I have a wretched migraine so I have not done much of anything the past two days... I can't seem to get rid of this one.

I also have including a picture of Emma on the eve of her 13th birthday she was curling her hair with the sock method  lol - I said I so needed a picture and she said no you'll just post it on your blog --- right o . Here are Oscar and Felix too just for fun
They both sat nicely for their photos how cute is that!

That's all for me - I am off to pick up BoBo and take him to his tutor.

Until next time

Monday, November 29, 2010

Great progress on the stocking :)

I will do my best to take a picture later today as the stocking his coming along. I made a dent in it- yay! I just got up and put another load in the dryer. I have to keep it up LOL. Oh well

Until next time,


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Phil and Mags are across the pond!

I'm watching the food network waiting for Mags to ping me on Skpe so I may have a quick word with her. I am stitching late this am with my mom and doing epic amount of laundry. What an exciting life I lead. Emma has a workshop with Jeff Hysop  today and Ben will be doing his homework lol woot!


Until next time...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Squawk on the Street and more...

Everyday (I'm home in the am that is...) I wake up to CNBC's Squawk on the Street. Phil is a market freak and today is no exception. We have shares in lulu lemon and it is doing well so he especially interested LOL. I,of course, am looking at Starbucks. It's a win win.

Phil and Mags head to England on Friday for two weeks. It will be great for them both. We non global travellers have great plans of holiday decrorating, acting workshops ,tutouring and general kp. Emma and Ben are not nearly as excited.

I have not done a whole lot of stitching. I am working on a stocking and started knitting scarves for Mags and Em (I just had the urge to knit...) I need to get on the stocking as it needs to be finished by th 20th in ordered to be sewn up in time. It just doesn't pack well so it doesn't come with me. It will have to start...

I am also training for the Phoenix Rock and Roll half for Jan so I am busy...

I audit Starbucks Experience today so work won't be too hectic. It's time to get the kids up  and moving.

Until next time,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I want a MAC BOOK PRO!

"You can't alway get what you want"... I am just dreaming but it is a really nice dream.

The day has begun and I have bribed Ben with Starbucks - his butt is somewhat in gear and we are moving. Emma has been off school Mon and Tues with the lurgy that I had two weeks ago. I have a busy day planned - run,workout,hair colour and cut,Christmas shopping and then housework. It will be busy but very good. I am feeling fairly good and somewhat rested so that helps.

On the stitching front I have a stocking to power thru. I hope I can get it done for Christmas... WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? I also want to finish a few ornaments for Phil's family so he can take them to England next Friday --- wish me luck.

WOW -this message started with my wanting a MAC BOOK what was I thinking HOW ABOUT TWO EXTRA DAYS THIS WEEK lol

Until next time,


Sunday, November 14, 2010

I did it ! 6miles

I managed 6 miles on the elliptical. It sucked big time but I managed it ! Woot Woot! The lungs are good although I have been hacking a little- lol...  I have not a whole lot on the stitching front as work has got in the way. The only problem with being sick is no one does the work for you! WHY IS THAT ???

On the kid and hubby front- Mags and Phil are getting excited for their trip across the pond. Phil talk to his best mate today on Skype. It was so cute... Emma and Ben are good--- themselves as per the usual. We are playing a game of  Nintendo Monopoly tonight (Brian and Marnie- I am sure Dad would support as I am teaching them to play by the rules even though Boardwalk and Park Place are now Mario and Luigi , houses are power up and hotels are invincible--- yeah I know!)  I will say that  I am liking that fact they want to play...

Until next time,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My sister informs me...

that I only update my blog when I am sick. This could be very true so here I am up early because I have a new key in my store this morning and want to make sure he is ok. I will head in after the kids get off to school just to check in. Work is crazy right now and I am sure it will settle down eventually.

On the stitching front I haven't been doing much. I have been working and falling into bed instead. The Angels are coming here Thurs so I will be cleaning today. I don't have any deadlines so coasting along.

Christmas shopping is coming along- I am trying to get it done early so December isn't so crazy this year. I find myself ready to kill Phil around the 15th  just simply because he doesn't particpate in the shopping. He is lousy at it so I shouldn't get miffed but still he could wrap or something LOL. I have been shopping on line and in stores just to get the jump on things. I want to enjoy and be rested this year. We shall see.

I guess that is all for today.

Until next time...


Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok tooting my own horn here but I managed to arrange flights from Kelowna to London return for both Mags and Phil for $1293--- it took 3 different air miles accounts and and most of Friday morning but I did it! I saved $1800 oh yeah baby! Does that mean more stitching money for me? Probably not but it does ease the mind around Christmas time that is for sure. --- now if I could only fix my ipod touch...

Until next time...


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not much to show but here's what I got...

This is Merry Christmas from My Heart to Yours-It's a Carriage House (oop) I started it at the cabin and it is stitching up quickly.

I am still working on this Praire Schooler - as I mentioned before I lost my boo-jo and really couldn't find the motivation to completed it before Halloween. There is always next year:)
Lastly this is a JCS ornament that I have by my bed to stop me from eating.--- not that it's working but still the thought is there lol!

I am slowly on the mend and seriously shocked as to how this cold has kicked my a$$. I am off tomorrow to recupe and then it's back at it. I am a complete control freak so being away from my job for unplanned days does not sit well... Yes Starbucks has managed without me before but still.... lol

I am having trouble with my ipod  touch and it's wi-fi so that should keep me busy when I am not stitching. I love all kinds of gadget type things I just lack the inner techno geek- It is so bad that when Phil and I want to watch a movie downstairs we need Mags to set up the surround sound YES it's true!
My plan for the rest of the day/ night is to watch season 2 of Castle while my other shows are being PVRed and possibly booking plane tickets to England for Phil and Maggie. Wahoo! Life is Good!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am down and out with the nastiest cold I have had in years. It is so bad that my mom came by to take Maggie to work and stood in the doorway of my bedroom and spoke to me from there as the germs were flying. I was able to get some sleep last night - I woke up at 4:00am but at least slept more than an hour at a time. I did manage three stitcjes on my pumpkin but that's it. I will check in when I feel better...

Until next time,


Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's my favourite holiday and I have a sore throat...

Here it is Halloween and all I want to do is sleep...I opened this am and it's nap time as my throat is sore...
The pumpkins are almost carved the kids have two more to go. I have not really decorated this year as I have lost my boo-jo...

This is a Bent Creek I have been working on only at the cabin. I will be a pillow soon lol
He's a Flake is cute I am hope it will make the tree this year
This is of course Stitch - it is a quick stitch I just am not getting to it.

I am off for my nap and then it will be close to Trick or Treating ! Ben is Mario to his best friends Luigi , Emma is a peacock and Mags is working so I am not sure if she is dressing up.

Until next time,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am in so much trouble...

I spent the day in the "room" and my plan was to sort, put away and organize for the weekend.  I found SEVERAL projects to bring to the cabin... all are new and really probably not be started until I finish a few other things. hmmmm what to do...

I'm going in...

Yesterday I cleaned our room. Yes - it is mopped and a basically dog hair free except for the two black and whites I woke up with on my bed this morning...hmmm... Now to tackle the stitching room. I am hoping to listen to a book on my ipod as it will keep my mind busy and MAYBE I won't be tempted to stop and play with all the groovy stuff in there.

On the stitching front there is progress on a ornament and two Halloweenie type things. I have to purchase a new card for my camera so I can post some pictures today.  I will pick it up after my nephew's soccer game today.

We took the kids to see RED last night and it was just awesome! If you get a chance to see it GO! It is really really really good. Ben even enjoyed it. We went to the Paramount where the theater is huge and the popcorn is awesome. (Maggie works there too so she and Ben saw it for free)

Four more sleeps until the cabin. I can't wait! A part of the reason for clean up is to find some projects to take with me... Yippee! In past years I have had stockings to stitch and was on a deadline - this year not so much so I can do whatever I want. I do have one stocking but I am not too worried as it will get worked on at night when my eyes are gone and I need really big fabric to work on.

First up tea and Coronation Street so I must be off.

Until next time,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more day and seven more sleeps...

I am on the last day of 9 in a row on tomorrow. YAY! I have the weekend off then I work 2 and  prep for the fabulous stitching weekend with the Angels! Yippee it's off to the cabin we go for 4 days and 3 night of stitchaplooza! Chips,chocolate,wine and very good company! I can't wait ! Life is good!

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday again!

I have not done a whole lot of stitching this past month... It's just not been high on the priority list. We have sorted Ben's school out a bit and Emma's schedule. Mags has been working way too much so we haven't seen a whole lot of her. It's a crazy life I lead.

Running is going well as is WW. I ran 6 miles on Monday and it was tough but eventally my body will remember I can do this and have done this before. I am almost looking forward to it most days. I don't when it comes last and I still need to squeeze it in.

Emma is not well today, she was up most of last night throwing up her dinner.She will be home today. She'll miss her voice lesson but it can't be helped.

Mags, Ben and I are off to the Bux to get some hc and joe so I must go. I will find pictures to post soon.

Until next time ,


Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh the blog the neglected blog...

It's been a crazy week with parent teacher conferences, acting classes starting and mini soccer jamborees. I am so glad it's October. September, December and June are nuts for kids and moms.I love October for all kinds of reasons... It is the month of my favourite holiday - Halloween. The best reason to love October is the weekend at the cabin. The angel ladies go to a cabin outside of Kelowna the 3rd week of October.The count down is on we are 3weeks away and I can't wait! Appies ,wine and stitching! Woot!

I don't have a whole lot of stitching to show you... maybe tomorrow

Until next time,


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now my head hurts...

I am in training for the Rockin Roll half in Phoenix.We run Jan 16 and it's early days. I forgot how much I really need to hydrate.I sweat thru my head something fierce- so attractive- oh yeah baby... The most nasty part is I get a dehydrated headache --- oh joy. I did get some stitching done this morning and a picture is coming I promise.I am off to bed as tomorrow is another day :)

Until next time,


I love Sundays ...

Today will be a busy day of cleaning, big purchases (SKI PASSES AND VACATION PKGES TO PHOENIX) and hopefully stitching. I am watching New Moon right now and enjoying the peace and quiet - the black and whites are occassionally barking. I have made little progress in the stitching department but will post a picture later.

Until next time


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I accomplished nothing today!

Just an update to say I accomplished nothing today... Well not true- I ran two miles,bought Phil a belated birthday present and stewed about work. I have to find a new job--- or a new brain because mine will not stop running a million miles an hour... Ugh

Until next time



Groceries,2 mile run,dr's appointment,weight watchers, soccer training ,house cleaning stitching room organized-etc... It's going to a be busy day. I am hoping to get a lot done but who knows if it will happen-I would also like to get some stitching done... OK so I guess I should get going... uuugggghhhh

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home is good!

I am home... I love it! Las Vegas is great but home is wonderful! I am very tired not from "too much Las Vegas" just from too many opening shifts since I've been back. I love my job truly it's just been lot since coming home...
I must confess I have not stitched one bit. I have been rereading old Nora Roberts books and vegging... My system does not do well flying into the dessert and then flying out -it makes me dizzy so I can't  really put my neck down for long periods of time. I am so lame... I wish it would pass soon. WHAT A WHINNER! I do have a rotten migraine which is on the tail end...WHINNER!
I am making roast beast with ALL the trimmings tonight as my man has been out working all day. I hope he enjoys. As it is cooking I am watching "Lettere to Juliet" with the actress. So far so good. I am lucky!

Until next time...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Off to Vegas tomorrow... must shave legs and arm pits...

I am finally caught enough at work to feel that I won't be thinking about all the things I forgot to do before I left. I am almost packed and was informed by Emms that I need to shave my legs and arm pits... It is true and maybe because of the cold weather I have looked the other way in this area so it is next on my list. I am battling a wee bit of a migraine... ssshhh don't tel Phil or my mother as I believe an I told you so may come from them and RIGHTFULLY so as I may have overdid it just a wee bit this week...

I am sad Phil is not coming to Vegas and it has put a damper (well small damper) on my trip. I am now thinking about what I may stitch on the plane tomorrow while watching a repeat of the Mentalist. Mags is making dinner and I am just chillin with my thoughts and the blog... I will try an update while I'm away-


Thursday, September 9, 2010

One handed... the other is full of a glass of vodka and soda

forgive the lack of capitalization as i am typing one hand because my other is otherwise occupied... so how did today start... the kitchen at 5am still had all the dishes from last night dinner--- not happy as dinner was rissoto and killer coleslaw. my parting shot to phil(after my skirt zipper broke and the zit on my face did not feel cover up would work) was "maybe i'll crash my car on the way to work and then you all will appreciate me"--- hhhmmm i'm still here and phil didn't call the store to find out if i crashed - he did read the riot act to the kids and the kitchen was clean when i got home 18 hours later.now i am attemptinng to block out the discussing of who got new soccer "boots" and who didn't while i silently sip my mandrin and soda...phil is kicking the black and whites off the bed ever couple of minutes and i am slowly sipping...i have to be up in 6 hours and ben has just informed me i have dark circles under my eyes--- awesome - i guess this is goodnight...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School day two...and the puppies

Day two at school went well - mags is looking after our neighbours kids 2 or 3 days a week which means Ben and his friends are walking home--- It took them almost an hour to walk 2 km today. Ben has a cell phone and I finally called him and he informed me "we picked up some friends along the way" ok apparently when you pick up friends you walk much slower...

Yes, you  are looking at a purse, headband ,bra and a dog chewy- Why? Well my Oscar buried it because he was "hiding it "from Felix...
Yes these items were on the floor in my bedroom...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of school - done!

It was good! The kids seem happy with all school type things. I got some stitching in and the dogs got a bath and groom--- all in all a successful day. I did get a migraine but it was expected (really it was) I am currently medicated and ready for bed. I am going to Vegas on Sunday and not at all ready --- apparently it's 38 degress there AWESOME. I am thinking about getting ready really I am... REALLY-

Until next time...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" LALALALA

There is a FABULOUS Staples commercial  advertising back to school and I LOVE IT! We here at the Butler's are ready!
Here is Ben's back to school collection- The Bay had a fabulous sale that had everything an extra 50% off ! Yes!Look how excited he is to go back! He just can't wait!Oscar is depressed as he will not have the kids to herd all over the house...Felix is just depressed lolOn to the stitching front... Here is my needlebook...It is coming along SLOWLYI am working on this Prarire Schooler and it's fast - I just don't have a ton of time to stitch on it... oh well...

I have a somewhat busy week ahead with school starting and of course and I am heading Vegas on Sunday - quick trip that Phil and were suppose to take with some friends but Phil is unable to go due to work so I'm going on my own --- sucky... oh well --- :(

That's all for today! J

Monday, August 30, 2010

I am a WB junkie

Besides Halloween and most fall type things I love teenage WB series... yes, I should join a support group and just turn the tv off BUT I CAN'T STOP. It get worse this time of year because all the trailers for the new fall line up and story lines. Vampires Dairies... 90210...Gossip Girl... I am really, really sick!

Speaking of sick I have a nose infection that seems to be causing my trouble. The Neo and vodka did help last night (my brother doesn't need to call 911 lol) I may have another tonight...

I need to take some stitching photos and tomorrow I will -I am off at 8:30am and need to sort Emma's OKM schedule and then I will post the photos... PROMISE!

That is it for tonight ...Gossip Girl is on...


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audio books... neo and vodka and such

I have all kinds of stitching done and no energy to take pictures. I have some sort of stupid cold type infection and it is icky! I will leave it at that. I did have a neo with some vodka as my cousin Tim tells me it kills all so we shall see. I am so sleepy right now I may not make sense ( ok are you asking yourself if I every make sense?) I am listening to the Auroa Teagarden mysteries and they are AWESOME! I believe I will fall asleep to book 5 --- night all til tomorrow!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


My sister is here and I spent  a little time stitching with my niece Olivia. I will post our work tomorrow. I am getting ready for bed so this will be short and sweet.

Good night all

Monday, August 23, 2010

On to some progress photos...

Here's some pics of what I've been working on --- The top is A-Z framed :) Yipee! Next is a purse project that I started yesterday after finishing Keep Calm. I am off to work now but promise to show more later...J

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh it has been way too long ...

This is our Emma- we use to joke with not to name your child Emma because they are "trouble" the very best thing about "our" Emma is she is fearless, brilliant and talented-the scariest thing about our Emma is she is fearless , brilliant and talented... Wow what a exciting and crazy ride we have had with her this past 7 months.She has spent her summer acting,singing and dancing. We thought she was done until the last performance of Joseph - Randy Leslie (artistic director of Kelowna Actors Studio) asked me if Em would be interested in filling in for someone who was unable to be a part of Bumbershoot Theatre's Flappers and Spats- I said -when would this start- he said Monday (this was Sunday evening)We were off to Spokane Monday AND I said so. Well between the opening number of Joseph and the closing Emma was cast as Stella and we were to be back from Spokane Wednesday by 12:30pmThe show runs until the end of tonight and it is a lot of fun. Emma sings a solo on stage - by herself (yes I know what solo mean but no one else is on the stage!)--- she does a fabulous job! Yes I am her mother so i shouldn't say that but  oh well....This is Master Ben - he is the Jedi Knight of red pepper jelly- he made a batch with very little help from his mom and sisterwe tried the results and it is YUMMY !!!!- He has had a busy summer of video games ,hanging with his friends and the dreaded "I can't sleep in swimming lessons" His life is extremely rough... I feel for him.I believe I have posted this picture of Miss Magaret(Maggie) before but it's very much her - steady, calm and stunning.She is this amazing artist - I wanted to post some of her work but she sent it home with a friend yesterday.... hmmm...She is making brownies as I type which she says she is taking to work tonight (thank goodness as my butt can't not take it!)  The house is a mixture of chocolate and chicken stock and not at all unpleasant I must say...   Next is what I have been up to besides work...

In Spokane we hit Hobby Lobby and Haberdsahery --- well it's really more of an addiction then a hobbyThis the ipad Phil and i bought for business type stuff and we both love it !These are some Halloween themed hand sanitizers that were so FABULOUS I bought them all I gave my fellow Halloween/same sex life platonic life partner Sue (her husband is also named Phil ,also english so I feel we were meant to be friend...) On to the sticthing portion of this blog... Ok maybe not so much stitching as purchasing...I have been busy...
This is some excellent fabric from Haberdashery Needlework and Designs...I bought these bell pulls there too...This is a Hobby Lobby purchase--- my mom and I were so excited to see a Hobby Lobby - we didn't know it was there soft opening AND it was the first one in Washington --- we scored.... lookOk next is what has come in the mail lately...My next purse project..so darn cute!urNext is the Habersdashery purchases... I need help....is there a support group for my addiction...???
Oh there is more but I need a glass of wine and to put my feet up... more later...J

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