Monday, February 28, 2011

I really want this month over...

Brighton finished last night and we are grateful for the opportunity Emma was given but glad to have a wee bit of a break. She has Lion King this weekend and then a bit of a break over spring break. She trys out for the Glee Troupe March 18 and then it begins again...

I have mentioned before my slight crush on Colin Firth - LOVE HIM... The King's Speech is an excellent movie and Colin Firth is amazing! I am so glad he won! Anne Hathaway was an excellent host except for all the wooing... every time she introduced someone she woooooooooo - drove me nuts.

It's a crazy week so I imagine I won't get much stitching done. I do have pictures I just need to upload them.

Until next time...


Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Man Cold

Phil has a Man Cold :(

We saw Brighton Beach last night and he was good for the most part but the Man Cold was starting to take over...

I have stitching pictures to post and will do so later enjoy the Man Cold

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All the best blogs have pictures... and I don't have any today again...

So the lousy blogger that I am means not only have I not posted in a bit (which my beautiful sister in law mentioned in an email to me yesterday) I also don't have any pictures for you. That is mostly due to me not doing much stitching and WAY TOO MUCH WORKING! Things are a tad crazy at work and I am not getting much stitching in on my breaks as I am working through them instead... not good.We are getting ready for the 40th Anniversary of Starbucks as well and some other really great things and there has not been much time for me. Today was my day off and I spent some of it at work and the rest getting Emma to the drs then for blood work and a script. She is hopefully on the mend. She has had nose bleeds and a sore throat the past couple of weeks. It's been tough on her. We did  manage to head to the mall where some purchases were made (don't tell Phil) and we had lunch.

On the stitching front I have finished Noel except for some beads (which I picked up today) and will hopefully put on at Angel Night tomorrow. I started Halloween Rules (not very far on it though) I have just lost the stitching mojo.. I am listening to a really excellent book on my ipod- "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness--- so good and I have to say it would be excellent to stitch along to I just have to get to the stitching part.

Well off I go to try and to stitch...

Until next time...


Friday, February 18, 2011

Not at all a good day to be sick...

It's Friday 3am and not at all a good day to be sick... I had a migraine last night and now that has urned into a headache type flu stomach thing- I have a full day planned with work and other things... I am not at all sure how I will do it but I will find a way.... Unfortunately I really don't have a whole lot to report...

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh what a day:)

I was at a district meeting today... it was a good meeting but what I came home to was even better...  I got a package from ABC Stitch. I received the fabric,the first three charts and threads for Lizzie Kate's "Halloween Rules"- I am on this automatic (YAY) and also received a copy of the border:) Oh life is good! The order also contained "Too Hot" from AuryTM and "Pumpkin farm" from Blackbird---- SO GREAT !!! I order some Q Snaps because you can never have enough Q Snaps ( one always is looking for the next set to start the next some to be UFO) Besides I needed a new set for "Halloween Rules" RIGHT??? !!!

Oh stitching happiness!

Until next time...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A very full Tuesday and it's only 3:10pm...

As per usual the Butler household is busy... very busy . It's been an excellent day off so far. I worked out and met my Mom at a great little shoe store in Rutland "Hollywood Shoes" where I got some new work shoes - dansko super comfy and will work for the next season.

We then went to Value Village - wanted one of those frogs for my scissors - they had this a great Ikea flower pot to stack it on.

I couldn't pass on these super cute candle holders--- Halloween is my favourite--- I believe that I have mentioned that before tee hee

This little bag of Mill Hill beads and threads was cheap and I figured someone would use them...

I thought the sugar of this set would be a great orts bowl but couldn't leave the creamer.
 We then went to sushi with my brother and sister in law it was excellent company and sushi

 This is the latest purse project, am going to do it all in CC spinach and beads.

Ok minor blop on Happy Bunny Bunny Day but it's finished! Yipee!

This is my progress on Pumpkin Hill - I love it and am slowly stitching here as I don't want it to end... Crazy but true :)

I'm just home now from the mad set of errands I had to run. Now on to making dinner and maybe a glass of wine.

Until next time...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I think I figured this out...

It's Sunday and I have been waiting for this all week! I then got a migraine... NICE! I then woke up from my migraine nap feeling cruddy and attempted to post some pictures... ugh! Above is the latest progress of Happy Bunny Bunny Day

Over here is what I now think of as my Coronation Street project. I seem to work on it Sunday am when I watch Coros with Phil ( a weeks episodes show one after the other ) it is coming along nicely and I can live with working on it then.

My part order came from 123 Stitch this week - I ordered the fabric and threads for Quaker Christmas... the fabric and threads came but not the chart --- I am waiting on that. I also got some groovy scissors and blackbird needle minder.

A lot is happening on the kid front... Ben is going strong with his bet and has not had pop! It looks like a DSI 3D is in his future. Emma has two more shows this week and then begins it all again Thursday. Maggie is off to work tonight. Phil and I are going to watch the Grammy's--- or as much as we can stand of the Grammy's.

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A whole lot of crazy going on here


That is the theme for today's entry in the blog of nonsense...

It all started last Monday the 31st with the rolling of Simphony(yes I am aware that the spelling is wrong but that is how we spell it at the Sbux) Simphony is a new point of sale system that although promises to make everything better it has a giant learning curve. My H&G peeps are catching on but it does make us a wee bit slower than normal. Next came "Hell Week" (sorry pg readers but that's what it's called in the theatre world) this is the week leading up to opening- Emma has a tendency during this week to come EXTREMELY close to being banished from the family and out on her tush. We manage all to still love her and she is BRILLIANT in this play. If you can get tickets go- it is just amazing. Next my beautiful nieces became sick :( They NEVER get sick so imagine the worry.) My mom hopped the bus Sunday am to go help as my sister and brother in law just have each other- they are not fortunate to have my mom (or any family) just two blocks away like I have. We have not heard an update so no news is good news. Ok so what else went on... Ben was in a play - Bob the Cobbler was his part and he was excellent--- Mags worked as per usual and broke up with her boyfriend Connor. Phil started two new jobs and I came to see home from work yesterday progress in the master bath (YES!) All in all a crazy week.

On the stitching front I am still plugging away at "Happy Bunny Bunny Day" My new camera arrived last week soI will attempt pictures later.

Not too much on the agenda today- I need to wake the household soon and get everyone moving. I have errands as well as hot yoga today WOOT. Right now I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. Oh wait there is movement --- better go check it out...

Until next time...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a quick one...

I'm off to work shortly. I have the 6am-2:30pm shift - it should be good as we are all getting the hang off the new system. Woot!

It's Emma's opening night and a half day for Ben. Mags has a rotten cold so school most likely will not be an option for her today. Juggle,juggle,juggle! Oh well.

My new camera came so pictures are coming the battery is just charging and then we are in business. I will post later to let you all know how the day goes - happy thought everyone!

Until next time,


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting on Bob the Cobbler

I have managed to get through the rolling of our new POS system and now have a day off tomorrow (well I am going in for an hour but that really doesn't count) I am waiting on Ben who is playing Bob the Cobbler in a Bumbershoot theatre piece at DWE. He is done shortly and I feel like I am holding my eyes open with toothpicks... It's been a long stretch.

I will post some pictures tomorrow with the latest pictures of my rabbit. It's coming along nicely.

Off to get Bennie

Until next time...


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