Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have revisited the Food Network...

I do not have pictures today only ramblings...

I have started watching the Food Network again which only leads to a mess in my kitchen LOL that Phil says he doesn't mind cleaning up as he reaps the benefits... Tonight is Elton Brown's mac and cheese- I learned to temper an egg and managed to burn my hand all at the same time (gas range steel whisk need I say more..) Normally I would have skipped the egg but Mags is a not eating meat so the idea appealed to me. I am sitting at my island typing one handed -left  and watching Phil clean up. Tomorrow I am thinking I might try the Cola cake from Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. The idea of Coke in a cake is magical to me.

On the kid front Ben made it into The DWE production with Bumbershoot - he is "Bob the Cobbler" woot! Emma begins He## week tomorrow for Brighton. Awesome...

Until next time...


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ok it's time for "Let's make a deal"

I have decided I must stitch one stash project before I start a recently bought project. With the amount of stash I have I could easy not have to buy any pattern for the next forty years. I would still have things left to stitch so I am making this pact that I MUST stitch something old before something new.That being written I started the Trilogy's  "Happy Bunny Day" today.
I have been wanting to do this one for a while. I had a migraine today and of course decided kit it while in it's manic haze... lol Phil looked at me like I was crazy but there you go. 
Speaking of Phil - he is amazing ( makes me crazy but amazing) he came to Costco to pick me up as I  couldn't see (migraine) and drove Emma and I home. My hero... ! He is the best dad and not a bad husband  as husbands go ... This is his "How go do I look pose?" where we all must exclaim  "FABULOUS"

Until next time...

Thursday already...

It's been a crazy week full of work. We are downloading a new POS system at work so I have been busy with that. Emma has been working hard on Brighton Beach and it opens next week ---- aahh! Phil is slowly getting back at it work wise. Maggie and Ben are just watching all that is going on around them.

The Angel ladies are coming over tonight so I am resting up and trying to figure out what I will work on. Maybe Pumpkin Hill by SB- we shall see-

Until next time...


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I found it! I found it!

Ok found the card for the camera and I can post some pictures. This is a wrap scarf I have been working on for Emma when we go to the movies. It sits in a Lululemon bag on the theatre floor and I knit away in the dark. It's almost done as we have seen a few movies this winter ( The King's Speech and Barney's Version were the latest EXCELLENT ONES) I am working on one for Mags as well but it will wait for a picture. The bright one is also for Emma as she laid claim yesterday and not Maggie's colours at all - I just loved the yarn.

On to stitching :) Here are the progress pics... above is Cherry Wood's Stitch, Scatter Sunshine by SB and Sweeping Cobwebs by PS . I am getting there. I love Scatter Sunshine but am at the two stitches change colour stage and it is frustrating.

On home front... Ben is staying strong and on day three. Emma and Mags are on the last day of the semester and looking forward to snowboarding on Thursday with her dad and Darren. I am working of course lol and Ben will be at school so sshhh...

I close tonight and then am up early tomorrow so I will post Thursday.

Until next time...


Sunday, January 23, 2011

End of another Sunday... oh and my holidays... :(

Here it is the end of another Sunday and the end of my vacation. I am ready to head back to work - not sure what is in store for me when I get there but I am looking forward to what is there.  I would love to post some stitching pictures but for some reason my SD card is missing and I can't take any pictures. hmmm I wonder which child has made off with it hmmm.

On the kid front I have made a bet with Ben to give up all pop type beverages until the new DS 3D comes out (March 27th) if he succeeds he will not have to wait until his birthday to have it. If he loses he has to run with Phil or myself everyday until his birthday... I will keep you posted. Emma begins "Hell Week" for Brighton and Mags is well Mags... All is good and we are lucky parents...

Until next time...


Friday, January 21, 2011

Second post ...

I made really excellent soup today! Butternut squash - yummy! Phil enjoyed so it must have been good. I got the recipe off  America's Test Kitchen DS game. I bought it for Mags this Christmas. It's got 300 recipes and by the tastes of the first try good,good,good.

On the stitching front I worked a very small amount on PS' Sweeping Cobwebs. I hope to stay up late and work a little more on it but I am fading fast...

Until next time...


Still no photos as I am trapped by a blanket of border collies...

It is snowing here --- super snow- it's turning to slushy freezing rain type snow. I am sitting here in my pit (my bed) with both Oscar and Felix at my side. Oscar has not forgiven me for leaving him but he's come around to being pressed by my side. Still no eye contact. We had words last night as he was COMPLETELY ignoring me and he was told that I left him in good hands. He always makes me pay.

I don't know what I want to stitch today (not that I can get to any of it as the pressing dog issues) I want to work on something easy today and most likely will later. I have a dr appointment , errands to run, butternut squash soup to make and general kp to do but I will stitch.

I did some online shopping today... don't tell Phil - bought some charts and q snaps. Yay! I will post pictures when they come. I guess that's all.

Until next time...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home again,home again...

Phil and I made it home from or week away rested and happy to see the kidlets. The very best part of getting away is the excitement  you have when you are coming home. I have updates of stitching from days 12-15 of the 15 days of stitching and I will get to those tomorrow.
I have come home with all kinds of finishing ideas and itching to stitch! I am ready for bed - the Thursday night line up is being taped and I'm ready to shut my eyes... NIGHT!

Until next time...


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It can't be Wednesday already... That's NUTS!

Yes here it is Wednesday already and I am not sure where Monday and Tuesday went... Let's see what have I been up to...

Day 10- I worked on A Boo C - this is a CUTE dresser drawer design from Cherry Wood
Day 11- I started SB's Scatter Sunshine freebie - I think this will be a pillow for my nieces Olivia and Molly as it is so cute and they scatter sunshine where ever they are --- the Butlers miss them
Day 12- that's today and I am seriously not sure what I will do . I have a very busy day ahead so it won't even get much of a thought until after dinner

I have two schedules to build at work as well as get my asm organized while I'm away. I also have a meeting with my boss so it will be a productive and migraine filled day.

Tomorrow Miss Margaret turns 15! I can't believe it - wow wow wow. We are all going to dinner to celebrate - that reminds me I need to make the reservation...

Phil and I leave for Phoenix first thing Friday and then after Phoenix it's San Diego for a few days--- hopefully the weather is good.

It is snowing like CRAZY here . Hopefully all will work out with our flights.

Until next time,


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where oh where have the Butler's been :)

We're back...

We spent the weekend up at Big White and it was magically! I am so glad we went and the kids had a ball. I am rested and ready for our next big thing which is a trip to Phoenix at the end of the week and off to San Diego for a few days of down time just the two of us.

Not a whole lot to report on the stitching front... I do have pictures of days  7,8 and 9- day 6 I worked on Pumpkin Hill and it was not in the bag when I took pics so that is for another day.

This SB's Three Pale Eggs
He's a Flake by Little House
Merry Christmas from my heart to yours 
And of course the stocking....

That's all for tonight. I am going to look for tomorrow's project shortly--- this is not easy as I thought as I get hooked on a certain project and want to keep working on it ... oh well maybe tomorrow will be another Halloween type project or Easter or sampler... I will just have to see...

Until next time...


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's all about Emma and a few stitching things...

So we don't get the daily paper here for all kinds of reasons which I will not go into here... The phone rang quite early this a.m. and it was my Mom. She was reading the paper ( she knows we don't get...) shares with me that Emma was nominated for Best Teen Performance in Community Theatre by the local critic. Now --- local ,community theatre  etc maybe some small potatoes but the role she was nominated for was the one she took on one weeks notice where she did that song by herself ... ok I am breathing. It is just kind of cool. She didn't win (the talented girl who did was AMAZING in KAS' Sweeney Todd ) I am just so proud she was even mentioned / nominated (whatever).  How cool...

Today has been a weird work and home day besides stated above. I worked a little, shopped at Costco for our trip to Big White this weekend and stitched a little. I am super tired and a little drained... I really don't know why but am going to bed early and trying  to shake it off. Here are the latest pictures of Day 4 and plans to stitch for Day 5

This is a great projected that summed up yesterday... My Day Complete by Keslyn- I can not count my day complete till needle,thread and fabric meet.  I am stitching it on 28 count Barnyard Grey and WDW Julian.

Black Sheep by Bent Creek is tonight's project. If I get four stitches in before I crash I'll be surprised. Oh well sleep is for sissies anyway- I am such a sissy. That's all for tonight.

Until next time...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having the morning off when your hubby is home hmmm...

All I wanted to do today was stitch and perhaps some laundry... didn't happen. Not only have I failed in providing my family with clean clothes I have not put one stitch in a project... I am hoping after this post I will get a stitch in but Phil is home and keeps interrupting my morning. He is doing this by asking a lot of billing paying questions, complaining about appliances that still have not be repaired and the state of his office. I did feed him (that is for my family if you are reading ...) After some raised voices referring to the fact that he has had 3 1/2 weeks off and pulled his chair up to the table Christmas dinner - implying he did not do the Christmas prep or gift buying ( OK YES HE DID PAY FOR IT BUT STILL...) The state of his office is his own stuff, the bills are what they are... and I am still not stitching LOL. He is now knocking on the door and asking if I have a minute to help him PROGRESS...

Here are the latest pics for Day 2 and 3

This is Prairie Schooler Sweeping Cobwebs--- I just love these witches.

This is Stitch: Dictionary Series from Cherry Wood Designs

Not much progress I'm afraid. I am working on something today and not sure what. LOL I will post tomorrow. I have to make it small enough to pack to work with me as I have the late shift today :) It is snowing like crazy here right now and our heat pump is not working --- the repair guy is here so let's hope it get going soon.

Until next time...


Sunday, January 2, 2011

I love my Mac Book!

I do love my new computer it has all kinds of bells and whistles. I have no idea how it really works but I still love it...

On the 15 projects front here's Jan 1
 "Not All"- As in not all witches live in Salem. I am not sure what today's project will be but I am absolutely going to just work on UFOs as I have WAY TOO MANY to start something new each day.

Now for a finish--- This is the mitten I was working on over Christmas. It stitched up very easily and fast. I think it will be a pillow when I get  around to it. I am going to find today's UFO and then settle in for some quality stitching time... I am just going to NOTHING today. I am looking forward to resting. Mags has to work and but only matinee so we are not up until 10:30pm. I am back at work early Monday so resting up is all I want to do.

Until next time...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and all that!

Wow another one gone... I am always amazed at how fast time goes when you are simply not paying attention. I am the mother of three fabulous kids who are growing up way to fast!I have this amazing job that makes me crazy and whole all at the same time. I am married to the best man I know and have a great mother,brother and sister. I am blessed with special family and friends- There are times when I don't appreciate all I am blessed with. Having said that here are my resolutions...
1. Appreciate everyday what i have and am blessed with
2. Stitch everyday
3. 30 minutes of cardio everyday
4. Make sure the dogs get walked each day
5. Make sure those I love know how much I do.
6. Blog 6 times per week

Happy New Year!

Until next time,


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