Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's time to update the blog...

Again I often wonder where the time goes... It is July 28th and I feel like I've missed half of the summer already.We went to the beach Sunday for the first time this year. It's very sad really.

There has been some progress on the stitching front... I have been working on a cute little project that if I can find my camera I will post a picture of. I also got some stash in the mail the other day--- yipee- I have promised myself I must wait until I finish this little one to start something new. I love to start new things... I must show some restraint.

It will be a bit of a busy day today as we have a district meeting. I am not looking forward to sitting all day but what can you do.It looks like it will be sunny and hot so maybe after dinner we will hit the beach... we shall see.Ok off to find the camera...

The dreaded needlebook --- not so dreaeded anymore...

Keep Calm and Carry On

My stash

Ok so I found my camera --- I had to wake Emma up to find it but I did. Emma has requested I learn to turn off the sun because it is far too early for her to see it...ok Princess!

On to the kid front... Maggie is still loving her job but is complaining about working too much next week.I did point out she will be able to pay me back a lot sooner and will have spending money for clothes in the fall. This cheered her up (just a bit) Ben is registered for swimming lessons on the 3rd- he's not thrilled but at least he will get some exercise and will be out of the house a bit.Miss Emma is half way through Joseph and is absolutely brillant in it- I have to say this not as her mom but as someone who watched it and went WOW!I'm proud of her. She also is a big pain in my rump as she is like a spinning top that never stops... so it balances out a bit.
My sister is here from the coast and we have hardly spent anytime together yet... I am off tomorrow so I hope to change that. I guess that is the update and nonsense for today- I now must figure out want to wear for this meeting and get my happy face on! hhhhmmmm
Until next time:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy week...

The week has flown by. Joseph opened Thursday to a great crowd where the cast and crew were pretty pumped. It was a fun opening night party. I was dead tried the next morning but all is good.
On the stitching front I worked on my needlebook Thursday night and pointed out to the Angels that I didn't complain once about it-lol. We are stitching Wednesday night this week and I will post a photo of my progress after that.
I have been online shopping at ABC stitch again ( don't tell Phil) I bought three new Praire Schoolers and the Raise the Roof--- I am obsessed. To top that off I am heading to Spokane Aug 9 and what trouble I may get up to I don't even know...
I am enjoying the quiet this Tues am before the group awakes and asks how I may entertain them today . Good thing I work this afternoon.!

Til next time!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last day of days off...

Woe is me... I am on my last day of the my 6 days off and I am ready to go back to work... We are having some "Big Wigs" coming in next week and it's time I plan for that.
On the stitching front I took A to Z in to Lesia to be framed, it will be ready soon so I will post then. I start yet another thing for my purse project.It's a Mill Hill and there are beads involved of course...

Here's the progress on Quaker Owl.
Here's my purse project...
I said I wouldn't post it but here is the "Halloween Fairy" progress--- yes a bit dismal but oh well

I have to do groceries and then we may hit the beach weather depending. I am back on the P90X band wagon so I have to get that work out in as well. Should be a busy last day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some pictures

Here's A to Z and in between. I am taking it to my friend Lesia tomorrow to frame. and the Quaker Owl progress. I hardly got a start on the Halloween Fairy so I won't post a picture of that. I do have grass planted in the front yard and a herb garden started on the on the window sil. WOOT! Two more days off to get the laundry done and maybe a golf game in.

Good night J

I've finally finished...

Good afternoon!

 I am happy to report I am finally finished A to Z and in between. This was fun to stitch and took so much longer due to the crazy life I lead. I am still working on the Quaker Owl and of course started something new- The Halloween Fairy (Nora Corbett) out of a magazine from last year or the year before. I kitted it up and it was sitting in the basket so here we go.
The kids are out front preparing the front patch for grass. There is bribery involved and a trip to the dollar store coming in an hour or so. It is very worth it as I get to stitch. Emma has just entered to voice her complaints about her sister's need to make it all perfect. Oh lovely...
That's all for the moment as I need to go break up a fight. I guess this may not be worth it LOL...


Saturday, July 10, 2010

AHHHHHHH 6 days off

I have taken 6 days to get the house and kids organised.Each of my kids are going to learn to make one meal. It's time they learned to cook. I don't want to head into this next school year running home to starved faces and expensive meals out. I am quite determined that they will each make one meal a week. That leaves me with 4 which I can handle.
I also am wanting to put grass seed down in the front as well as stitch. Oh and I rented the first season of Mad Men so there's that too :)
Tonight I am having some friends for dinner. I am looking forward to it! We're having rissoto and something else... not sure yet but I am sure I will be inspired at Save On. I think I will nap first as I got up at 4:00am - what a terrible hour to get up on your day off. I did smell the sunshine coming up and snugged with Ben and some border collies. I thinkwe all shall have a nap.


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