Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ok I realize it is now late September...

Here we are in September and I am just getting my blog up and going. Wow! Scary! I have an excuse as we are in the tail end of our massive renovation and it has been a lot of work. We added 14 feet to our basic BC box and that has made a HUGE difference to our space. We moved back in Sept 3 and our living out of boxes but they are our boxes.
Enough about that... This blog is about my stitching ( or lack of ) I am currently working on completing 4 SB stockings. After these 4 I'm done for a while. I say that each year and seem to stitch one for someone. I also am working on some small Halloween type things for the house. I am sure I have not mentioned my HUGE LOVE for Halloween. All thing Fall and Halloween actually. As soon as I can figure out how I will post some pictures !

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