Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad blogger!

For those wonderful stitchers and family who read this blog I am very sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have thrown myself back into work and have not stitched a whole lot nor have I done much else. Not anything much worth blogging about.

On the health front I have been feeling a bit stronger everyday. YAY! I am still suffering shoulder pain when I over do it but slowly things are getting better. I am grateful.

We have been working on the yard today and Phil will be pleased as he has ACHIEVED something today. - Sorry family joke... We planted tomatoes and pumpkins along with Ben's Lilac tree. We also got some rock for the rock garden and have got most of spread. This would explain the sore shoulder and fatigue now.

The kids are good. Emma is on her final week of Into the Woods next week. YAY! It's been more work this time as she is crew and not cast = not as much fun for her or us. Ben is enjoying martial arts a lot. Maggie is off to a movie tonight with a "friend". Time just continues to march on. Em and Mags have a week left of school and Ben two. Where did this year go?

I have a busy week planned involving a concert , a play and work. I am hoping to start SLOWLY running as well so let see how that goes.

Until next time...


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