Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hotels are booked ... !

The girls, my Mom and I are heading to Spokane on Saturday. Yay! There is a completely excellent needlework store  Haberdashery Needlework Shop. I am making my list already:) - This is an annual trip that is going on three years. The girls are very patient with the needlework shop as it equates to them shop shop shopping.  Maggie didn't come with us last year so she will be making up for lost time.

Emma has been in an acting camp this past week and next. They are doing a Broadway musical review. I dropped in early for pick up and it sounds fabulous! The performance is Friday. She has come down with a rotten cold... stunning isn't she :)
Here's the latest ornament  - it's the French Country Star from the 2010 JCS Ornament Issue. I have done this one before and gave it away. I may keep this one. I will see how it turns out.

My half and full marathon training started this week and I am liking it so far. Of course it has finally gotten hot here so it won't be as pleasant to train in the heat but I will make it thru lol.

Not much else to report...

Until next time...


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