Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still no pictures of stitching sorry...

Well here it is Tuesday and I am tuckered out. I am happy to report the scissor case is done and I have managed to get some stitching done. I will post some pictures tomorrow when I have a day off without kids breathing down my neck to do one thing or another. Here's the update:

Maggie is done her first year of high school. Yippee for her. She is suffering from a cold but seems to be making out just fine with it by sleeping until at least noon.

Emma has gotten two call backs for next season at KAS. She is auditioning for White Christmas and Brighton Beach Memoirs. The call backs are Saturday so cross your fingers for her. We spent two hours with her vocal coach this afternoon so she gets an A for effort.

Ben's party was great. I love the bowling thing as there is no clean up muss or fuss and they serve beer. LOL

I hope to post stitching pics tomorrow but I can't promise as June is such a crazy kid month... It is awesome and I am a lucky gal. I have had a series of migraines again SUCKY! AAAAAHHHHH! It has not been fun. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep and a somewhat peaceful morning--- Oh I can dream can't I...


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