Sunday, June 6, 2010

My kind of normal went right out the window...

Coffee check.Pulled Pork in the crock pot check. Stitching check. Coronation Street on the tellie check.Two Aleve check. Update "The Blog of Stitching and Nonsense check ...oops...

When I started this blog it was my thought to keep it upbeat and happy. I wanted to share my stitching and such as well as my fabulous family. I didn't want to post about sad things,epic work issues and illness. Of late it seems that those type of issues have taken over and I haven't been blogging nor have I been able to do much stitching. I want to make a grand statement here and say IT STOPS TODAY ! I really don't think I am being true to myself if I actually say that so let's say instead TODAY IS A STITCHING DAY! Before I stitch here's an update of what's been going here...

Phil's mom (bless her) the tough lady she is is hanging on. She is 64 pounds... I don't know how but she is still with us and awake! Wow! Phil's brother David on the other hand is in heart failure and they are trying to regulate his heart beat before they can operate and fix the damage. This is all happening in Doncaster England and we are here. Phil is in Creston doing a Tim Horton's reno and has been there since Thursday so he is getting update through email and me.
On the Burnham family front(mine) My grandfather died last Friday. He was 92. I have memories of his love for 38 records and a supply of bug juice.
On the work front I won't start! lol
On the health front I have had a set of cluster migraines that have hit me hard,which has made stitching, working out and eating right hard. I am hoping because I woke up without a headache today I am in the clear.CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

Ok- happier things to report. Maggie got a job at a movie theatre SWEET! She started Thrusday night and seems to like it so far. I am thrilled as she was getting expensive lol. Emma is still Miracle Working and in Joseph rehearsals. She is sleeping in a lot more these days. I am very proud of her. Ben scored a goal at soccer yesterday. Woot ! WAY TO GO BEN! Phil is coming home tonight until Friday yippee! I am truly blessed to have a great family. I am off work today and I plan on  stitching and of course driving to and fro to various acting and jobs but no work. YAY! Here I am off to work on some stitching and watch some Coro. Hopefully I will post a pic or two later.

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  1. Hi Jill
    Just wondering if you received your Scissor keeper.


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