Monday, August 30, 2010

I am a WB junkie

Besides Halloween and most fall type things I love teenage WB series... yes, I should join a support group and just turn the tv off BUT I CAN'T STOP. It get worse this time of year because all the trailers for the new fall line up and story lines. Vampires Dairies... 90210...Gossip Girl... I am really, really sick!

Speaking of sick I have a nose infection that seems to be causing my trouble. The Neo and vodka did help last night (my brother doesn't need to call 911 lol) I may have another tonight...

I need to take some stitching photos and tomorrow I will -I am off at 8:30am and need to sort Emma's OKM schedule and then I will post the photos... PROMISE!

That is it for tonight ...Gossip Girl is on...



  1. Hmmmm...more neo-vodka AND cheezy TV? The first step is admitting you have a problem ;-)

  2. The trouble began in the summer of 2010...Night after night we watched her dive to the bottom of a glass of Neodka.

    "Hey bartender....we'll have 2 Corona's and 3 Neodka's...make mine a double"

    Sorry.....I'm done now...Promise :p

  3. lolol---I like the "Neodka" --- mock as you may...but next time you have a cold you'll be diving in --- you'll maybe want the recipe and maybe I won't give it to you... and maybe right now I have had too many to realize that recipe is neo citron and vodka--- but do you know how much hot water to add huh huh??? LOVE YOU!

  4. I just caught up on life at Jills, had a chuckle( yes I laughed at "are you asking your self do I every make sense" and yes you do have a support group and we support you in every good/bad thing you get into. haha


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