Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have lost my stitching mojo...

I have nothing involving stitching today... my inner stitching goddess is on holiday. It seems to be too hot and too busy to do anything but work and sleep these days.

I am watching Julie and Julia thinking about my blog ... I can't be to hard on myself as life is busy.
I am back at Weight Watchers as my weight has climbed to an all time high--- great... I really shouldn't be watching J&J as the food looks awesome and all that butter... I am enjoying a 1 point fudge bar from DQ and it isn't cutting it...mmmmmmmmm butter.

On the kid front Emma has two Joseph shows left! Yipee!Mags is off to the Island on Wed and Ben is enjoying his summer!

Work is busy and I am off for a few days... I may go to hot yoga tomorrow,the rest of  the dayis Emma filled as i am working front of house at KAS and then there is the cast party. Woot!

Til next time,


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