Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh it has been way too long ...

This is our Emma- we use to joke with not to name your child Emma because they are "trouble" the very best thing about "our" Emma is she is fearless, brilliant and talented-the scariest thing about our Emma is she is fearless , brilliant and talented... Wow what a exciting and crazy ride we have had with her this past 7 months.She has spent her summer acting,singing and dancing. We thought she was done until the last performance of Joseph - Randy Leslie (artistic director of Kelowna Actors Studio) asked me if Em would be interested in filling in for someone who was unable to be a part of Bumbershoot Theatre's Flappers and Spats- I said -when would this start- he said Monday (this was Sunday evening)We were off to Spokane Monday AND I said so. Well between the opening number of Joseph and the closing Emma was cast as Stella and we were to be back from Spokane Wednesday by 12:30pmThe show runs until the end of tonight and it is a lot of fun. Emma sings a solo on stage - by herself (yes I know what solo mean but no one else is on the stage!)--- she does a fabulous job! Yes I am her mother so i shouldn't say that but  oh well....This is Master Ben - he is the Jedi Knight of red pepper jelly- he made a batch with very little help from his mom and sisterwe tried the results and it is YUMMY !!!!- He has had a busy summer of video games ,hanging with his friends and the dreaded "I can't sleep in swimming lessons" His life is extremely rough... I feel for him.I believe I have posted this picture of Miss Magaret(Maggie) before but it's very much her - steady, calm and stunning.She is this amazing artist - I wanted to post some of her work but she sent it home with a friend yesterday.... hmmm...She is making brownies as I type which she says she is taking to work tonight (thank goodness as my butt can't not take it!)  The house is a mixture of chocolate and chicken stock and not at all unpleasant I must say...   Next is what I have been up to besides work...

In Spokane we hit Hobby Lobby and Haberdsahery --- well it's really more of an addiction then a hobbyThis the ipad Phil and i bought for business type stuff and we both love it !These are some Halloween themed hand sanitizers that were so FABULOUS I bought them all I gave my fellow Halloween/same sex life platonic life partner Sue (her husband is also named Phil ,also english so I feel we were meant to be friend...) On to the sticthing portion of this blog... Ok maybe not so much stitching as purchasing...I have been busy...
This is some excellent fabric from Haberdashery Needlework and Designs...I bought these bell pulls there too...This is a Hobby Lobby purchase--- my mom and I were so excited to see a Hobby Lobby - we didn't know it was there soft opening AND it was the first one in Washington --- we scored.... lookOk next is what has come in the mail lately...My next purse darn cute!urNext is the Habersdashery purchases... I need there a support group for my addiction...???
Oh there is more but I need a glass of wine and to put my feet up... more later...J

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