Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home is good!

I am home... I love it! Las Vegas is great but home is wonderful! I am very tired not from "too much Las Vegas" just from too many opening shifts since I've been back. I love my job truly it's just been lot since coming home...
I must confess I have not stitched one bit. I have been rereading old Nora Roberts books and vegging... My system does not do well flying into the dessert and then flying out -it makes me dizzy so I can't  really put my neck down for long periods of time. I am so lame... I wish it would pass soon. WHAT A WHINNER! I do have a rotten migraine which is on the tail end...WHINNER!
I am making roast beast with ALL the trimmings tonight as my man has been out working all day. I hope he enjoys. As it is cooking I am watching "Lettere to Juliet" with the actress. So far so good. I am lucky!

Until next time...


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