Thursday, September 9, 2010

One handed... the other is full of a glass of vodka and soda

forgive the lack of capitalization as i am typing one hand because my other is otherwise occupied... so how did today start... the kitchen at 5am still had all the dishes from last night dinner--- not happy as dinner was rissoto and killer coleslaw. my parting shot to phil(after my skirt zipper broke and the zit on my face did not feel cover up would work) was "maybe i'll crash my car on the way to work and then you all will appreciate me"--- hhhmmm i'm still here and phil didn't call the store to find out if i crashed - he did read the riot act to the kids and the kitchen was clean when i got home 18 hours i am attemptinng to block out the discussing of who got new soccer "boots" and who didn't while i silently sip my mandrin and soda...phil is kicking the black and whites off the bed ever couple of minutes and i am slowly sipping...i have to be up in 6 hours and ben has just informed me i have dark circles under my eyes--- awesome - i guess this is goodnight...



  1. Hmmm....doesn't parenting and being 40 make you feel like a rock star?
    I love it when someone 1/3 your age takes it upon themselves to inform you of all the ways in which you...well...don't cut it today! I feel your pain.
    Sorry about your shitty day babe. Hope today brought better things. xoxox

  2. Your life bites.

    I love you anyway. xo

    Way to go England.

  3. Love you both as well - much better day yesterday! :)


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