Saturday, September 11, 2010

Off to Vegas tomorrow... must shave legs and arm pits...

I am finally caught enough at work to feel that I won't be thinking about all the things I forgot to do before I left. I am almost packed and was informed by Emms that I need to shave my legs and arm pits... It is true and maybe because of the cold weather I have looked the other way in this area so it is next on my list. I am battling a wee bit of a migraine... ssshhh don't tel Phil or my mother as I believe an I told you so may come from them and RIGHTFULLY so as I may have overdid it just a wee bit this week...

I am sad Phil is not coming to Vegas and it has put a damper (well small damper) on my trip. I am now thinking about what I may stitch on the plane tomorrow while watching a repeat of the Mentalist. Mags is making dinner and I am just chillin with my thoughts and the blog... I will try an update while I'm away-


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