Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's my favourite holiday and I have a sore throat...

Here it is Halloween and all I want to do is sleep...I opened this am and it's nap time as my throat is sore...
The pumpkins are almost carved the kids have two more to go. I have not really decorated this year as I have lost my boo-jo...

This is a Bent Creek I have been working on only at the cabin. I will be a pillow soon lol
He's a Flake is cute I am hope it will make the tree this year
This is of course Stitch - it is a quick stitch I just am not getting to it.

I am off for my nap and then it will be close to Trick or Treating ! Ben is Mario to his best friends Luigi , Emma is a peacock and Mags is working so I am not sure if she is dressing up.

Until next time,


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