Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally a stitching post!

So much has gone on this week that I do not know where the time has gone... I have pictures to upload so here we go. I purchased some charts from 123 and they arrived this week.

Here is the progress on Halloween Rules...This is so much fun to stitch! I love the charts that arrived but have promised myself I MUST catch up to the next auto on HR                                      

 I am pleases with how Pumpkin Hill is coming --- awesome! Here also is Noel complete except for the beads...

 Here are the snowmen from AuryTM so cute I am going to stitch them all in a row and have my friend Lesia frame them. Again I must catch up on the HR autos first:)

On a non stitching note I saw the KAS production of Lion King and it was just amazing. Some seriously talented kids there. VERY COOL. Emma has such light with she's up there it's awesome to see.  The diva in her can still be a pain in the a$$ but it's nice to see. :) I have a busy day ahead with car purchasing,store meetings and picking up of Lion King peeps... TOMORROW IS MY ONE DAY OFF AND I PLAN TO COMPLETELY ENJOY IT.

Until next time....

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