Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yay! We made it- We didn't have any trouble at the border with the Englishman and we are safe and all tucked in at the condo in Maui. The flight was decent and Costco was well Costco- we stocked up and are all set. The ocean is our backyard so the kids were soaked after going down to "check it out".Phil and I headed to the local ABC store and Safeway(to buy other provisions that weren't sized for 85 people). We had a cold plate dinner and TRIED to stay up past 8:00pm - The kids did better than the two of us. I am wake of course and have been since 4:00am - this is actually 7:00am our time which is very good for me as I usually wake at the crack to go to work. I have taken half a tylenol pm and waiting for it to kick in. No one here is stirring so that is good.

The plan is to go into Kiehi today - head to Charlie Young beach and try and meet up with a friend of Emma's. We will see from there what happens.

On the stitching front I worked on one of my crazy January projects on the plane. The dresser and as soon as I can find the camera cord in my bag I will post the picture. There was a really "interested" guy sitting across from me on the plane who was fascinated by what I was doing. Kind of creepy - especially when Phil noticed... the kids too... lol. Phil was a little disturbed as my reply to this was maybe he waned to learn how and his response was NO ONE is that interested and his wife was sitting right beside him... lol. I managed to get one drawer done and the framework for two more. I am worried I will run out of thread but I do have another project if that happens.

That's all for now. I am going to turn the TV on low and pray for sleep for the next couple of hours. If that doesn't work then it's sleeping on the beach for me.

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