Thursday, May 6, 2010

I can't find my camera!!!

It's quite early Thursday morning and I am having a minute with my tea and Oscar ( one of the black and whites) I am waiting for Emma and Mags to wake up as I can not find my camera hmmmm I believe they may know where it is. I have decided instead of raging and waking the house up I will enjoy the tea ,my puppy and the quiet. They will be up soon enough.
I turned forty yesterday... I really did not have much of an opinion on the subject. I do have some wonderful friends though. My friend Carolyn gathered the managers in my Sbux district for lunch and it was a wonderful surprise. She also put 6 pink flamingos in my drive thru with signs asking to wish me a happy 40th birthday. AWESOME - I hid in my backroom after 8:30am lol. My wonderful family sent me flowers and balloons at work - another slightly embarassing moment. When I arrived home a goregous Jaime Joesph moonstone ring was waiting for me. I am spoiled rotten. We went to my favourite Italian restaurant for dinner. It was the first time we had taken the kids to this spot. We were joined by my friend Sue and her husband and my Mom. It was a truly awesome birthday.
My Mom and I are heading to Vancouver shortly to pick up my sister. We are heading for our second annual "Run for the Border" shopping trip. I have mapped out the way to Ana Cross Stitch and it looks to be one of our first stops "enroute" to the outlet mall. I have the ladies dress and shoe sizes and armed with a Sonic the Hedgehog toy list for Ben. I am all set ! I do have to pack though...
That's all for me right now- I will post pics of my latest stitching projects as soon as the carema is found:)

Alas Miss Emma is up and look at that she knew just where to find the here are some shots

Here is A-Z it is coming slowly
The Big Zipper was finally put on stretcher bars that were stitchable... not much progress- this is my movie project as the holes are so big lol.
This is my purse/work project -it's a stocking from the JCS ornament issue. I didn't leave a whole lot of fabric in between so I will have to see how it turns out.Emma inform me this is a smokey topaz not a moonstone - my bad. It's lovely whatever it is :)

Here are the flowers the kids sent me :0) so pretty. That's all for now - whew that was an update... I will try not to leave it so long next time....

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