Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is nuts at the Butler House

Hi All- What a week... I want to say first to the Angels you rock- thanks for putting up with my ranting and wine Thursday night. You are awesome.
We have begun the Miracle Worker and Joesph weeks which means Emma is at KAS everyday until June 8th. I am so proud of her. We saw the Miracle Worker Saturday night and it was EXCELLENT. The cast is amazing and even with a change in actresses (the girl who was playing Helen is very ill) the show was fabulous. If you Kelowna peeeps can make it I suggest it. Blind girl #2 is awesome for the whole seven minutes she is on stage lol.
This week is shaping up to be a little less hectic and I actually slept until 8:30 yesterday. I get back on to P90X and hot yoga so I am looking forward to my kind of normal.
On the stitching front there is not a whole lot to report. I am still madly stitching a scissor keeper that needs to be mailed Tuesday--- :( I will get this done but under the wire or what? I was VERY EXCITED to get my copy of Hare's Christmas from Plum Street. I am saving it until after the scissor keeper and ABCand in between. It will be a bit of a incentive to get it the other two done.
I am off to shower and then to work. I have a day of interviews and schedules to wish me luck :0)

Happy day!


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