Monday, May 24, 2010

The person who makes the schedule at my work drinks too much...

Oh wait that's me... I scheduled myself five opens in a row which is something a drunk person would do but unfortunately we have a no tolerence  (sp?) at the Bux. So stone cold sober I managed to do this to myself.Ugh I am too nice- yes Angels I said I am too nice...  one more to go and I am sleeping in on Wednesday!
Okay so what is new... I am P90xing and hot yogaing(not a word I know)and tired. I know all this ing is good for me buuuutttttt are buster bars from DQ so wrong? I know the answer so no need to respond.
Emma is heading into week 2 of Miracle Worker and it is so good... She begins rehearsal for Joesph tomorrow... again no need to respond...
I have hardly stitched at all so I got nothing but nosense today sorry...

Until next time :)


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