Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last day of days off...

Woe is me... I am on my last day of the my 6 days off and I am ready to go back to work... We are having some "Big Wigs" coming in next week and it's time I plan for that.
On the stitching front I took A to Z in to Lesia to be framed, it will be ready soon so I will post then. I start yet another thing for my purse project.It's a Mill Hill and there are beads involved of course...

Here's the progress on Quaker Owl.
Here's my purse project...
I said I wouldn't post it but here is the "Halloween Fairy" progress--- yes a bit dismal but oh well

I have to do groceries and then we may hit the beach weather depending. I am back on the P90X band wagon so I have to get that work out in as well. Should be a busy last day.

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