Saturday, July 10, 2010

AHHHHHHH 6 days off

I have taken 6 days to get the house and kids organised.Each of my kids are going to learn to make one meal. It's time they learned to cook. I don't want to head into this next school year running home to starved faces and expensive meals out. I am quite determined that they will each make one meal a week. That leaves me with 4 which I can handle.
I also am wanting to put grass seed down in the front as well as stitch. Oh and I rented the first season of Mad Men so there's that too :)
Tonight I am having some friends for dinner. I am looking forward to it! We're having rissoto and something else... not sure yet but I am sure I will be inspired at Save On. I think I will nap first as I got up at 4:00am - what a terrible hour to get up on your day off. I did smell the sunshine coming up and snugged with Ben and some border collies. I thinkwe all shall have a nap.


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