Monday, July 12, 2010

I've finally finished...

Good afternoon!

 I am happy to report I am finally finished A to Z and in between. This was fun to stitch and took so much longer due to the crazy life I lead. I am still working on the Quaker Owl and of course started something new- The Halloween Fairy (Nora Corbett) out of a magazine from last year or the year before. I kitted it up and it was sitting in the basket so here we go.
The kids are out front preparing the front patch for grass. There is bribery involved and a trip to the dollar store coming in an hour or so. It is very worth it as I get to stitch. Emma has just entered to voice her complaints about her sister's need to make it all perfect. Oh lovely...
That's all for the moment as I need to go break up a fight. I guess this may not be worth it LOL...


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