Friday, December 24, 2010

About ready to pick...

My fifteen projetcs...

Thoughts,concerns comments???

I am thinking
1. Angels Sing - Heart in Hand

2. Pumpkin Hill - WIP - SB

3. Here we go a Haunting SB

4.Three Pale Eggs

5.Trick or Treat - SB

6. A Primitive Stocking- CHS

7. Saint Peter's Fair-SB

8.All Dolled Up! LHN

9.Happy Bunny Bunny Day - The Trilogy

10. Happy Haunting - SB

11.Into the Night - SB

12.Christmas Elf Fairy - WIP -Mir

13.A Boo C - WIP -CWD

14. Moonshadow Path- Full Cirlce


Feel free to comment

Until next time ,


1 comment:

  1. Looks good!! St Peter and Trick or Treat are fun and quick to do.


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