Friday, December 10, 2010

The tree is up...

It doesn't have lights yet but it is up! I mentioned earlier this week I have had a migraine. This morning I woke up with a crusty eye and all kinds of ickies coming out of my nose... hhhmmm. Off to work I went and more ickies and a migraine hhhhmmm I dialed my doctor who was over booked and yelling in the background for me to come now off on my lunch break I went. Diagnosis --- sinus infection draining causing crusty eye and migraine... hhhmmmm. Antibiotics,antibiotic eye drop and antibiotic nasal spray --- check! I am waiting now for all of it to work.

I am excited that I will soon have my head back to normal... as normal as it can be anyway... The Angels are coming for a stitch and brunch Sunday and I am looking forward to it. It will be even better now!Yay!

On the stitching front the stocking coming along SWEET!

Until next time...


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