Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Ho Ho everyone!

Well  that's another one done and a fully spoiled lot at the Butler household... wow! Phil bought me a Mac Book Pro --- wow! Apparently I just take it into Simply computing and they will set it all up for me... WOW!Spoiled! I also received a gift certificate to Lulu --- I am completely overwhelmed -- so much that earlier today a migraine reared it's ugly head... oh well to bed I soon go...

The kids have had an excellent couple of days. We went to my brother and sister inlaws last night and it was so much fun. They then came home to open one present ( Maggie always asks for the pj type present to open) Here they are last night

Here they are hamming it up! So cute!

Here are the treats for Santa !

 The kids got up at 7:45am which was decent. I was up before them! We had a great morning opening presents with my Mom and the kids were spoiled! Ben got two new Monopoly playing toques--- A sock monkey mowhaw and a Gumba. We are in trouble now.Santa gave him Monopoly Streets for Wii and the kids have palyed two games already.

Here's the mitten- it is so close to being finished- I have such a headache but can't seem to stop stitching on it. I need therapy!

Until next time...

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