Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So much to do and so little time...

Today will be busy day. I have to finish up the Christmas shopping, work on the stocking and drive Emma to various acting and singing type things. I have a migraine hangover and really would just like to sleep all day.

The happy travellers are home Friday. Yay! I am super excited as we have missed them. They are off to London by train to spend a few days and then it's home. The time sure has gone fast!Wow!

I will try and post some pictures tonight of the stocking as it is coming along.

Until next time,



  1. Hope that the plane is able to fly out... Keith and Kathy (coworkers) had a hard time getting out of jolly old when they were there last week.

    See ya at the ABFCP.... where I'll be PTTG and EMWF...!

    Your Bro.

    ..... pissed to the gills
    ..... embarrasing my whole family

  2. I too will see you at the ABFCP....where I'll be BSMH....and.... DDCFHR...SAHWILHDAITV.


    Your Sis-in-law

    ....Baby Sitting My Husband
    ....Doing Damage Control For His Reputation
    ....Swear At Him While I Load His Drunken Ass Into The Van


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