Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A whole lot of crazy going on here


That is the theme for today's entry in the blog of nonsense...

It all started last Monday the 31st with the rolling of Simphony(yes I am aware that the spelling is wrong but that is how we spell it at the Sbux) Simphony is a new point of sale system that although promises to make everything better it has a giant learning curve. My H&G peeps are catching on but it does make us a wee bit slower than normal. Next came "Hell Week" (sorry pg readers but that's what it's called in the theatre world) this is the week leading up to opening- Emma has a tendency during this week to come EXTREMELY close to being banished from the family and out on her tush. We manage all to still love her and she is BRILLIANT in this play. If you can get tickets go- it is just amazing. Next my beautiful nieces became sick :( They NEVER get sick so imagine the worry.) My mom hopped the bus Sunday am to go help as my sister and brother in law just have each other- they are not fortunate to have my mom (or any family) just two blocks away like I have. We have not heard an update so no news is good news. Ok so what else went on... Ben was in a play - Bob the Cobbler was his part and he was excellent--- Mags worked as per usual and broke up with her boyfriend Connor. Phil started two new jobs and I came to see home from work yesterday progress in the master bath (YES!) All in all a crazy week.

On the stitching front I am still plugging away at "Happy Bunny Bunny Day" My new camera arrived last week soI will attempt pictures later.

Not too much on the agenda today- I need to wake the household soon and get everyone moving. I have errands as well as hot yoga today WOOT. Right now I am just enjoying the peace and quiet. Oh wait there is movement --- better go check it out...

Until next time...


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