Sunday, February 13, 2011

I think I figured this out...

It's Sunday and I have been waiting for this all week! I then got a migraine... NICE! I then woke up from my migraine nap feeling cruddy and attempted to post some pictures... ugh! Above is the latest progress of Happy Bunny Bunny Day

Over here is what I now think of as my Coronation Street project. I seem to work on it Sunday am when I watch Coros with Phil ( a weeks episodes show one after the other ) it is coming along nicely and I can live with working on it then.

My part order came from 123 Stitch this week - I ordered the fabric and threads for Quaker Christmas... the fabric and threads came but not the chart --- I am waiting on that. I also got some groovy scissors and blackbird needle minder.

A lot is happening on the kid front... Ben is going strong with his bet and has not had pop! It looks like a DSI 3D is in his future. Emma has two more shows this week and then begins it all again Thursday. Maggie is off to work tonight. Phil and I are going to watch the Grammy's--- or as much as we can stand of the Grammy's.

Until next time...



  1. I love your Happy Happy Bunny Day pic. What kind of fabric are you stitching on? I am only able to get fabric from one store an hour away and would like to find some other place to get it from.

    I also joined the Lizzie Kate Exchange group and I am looking forward to my first exchange as well.

  2. I did it on 28 count natural from Michaels--- I know the feeling on hard to find fabric. A few years back I join a fabric of the month club and that increased the stash but you didn't get to choose your colours. I was lef with some wacky ones. I am excited to do the LK excahnge too. Do you have a blog ? I would like to follow it :)



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