Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A very full Tuesday and it's only 3:10pm...

As per usual the Butler household is busy... very busy . It's been an excellent day off so far. I worked out and met my Mom at a great little shoe store in Rutland "Hollywood Shoes" where I got some new work shoes - dansko super comfy and will work for the next season.

We then went to Value Village - wanted one of those frogs for my scissors - they had this a great Ikea flower pot to stack it on.

I couldn't pass on these super cute candle holders--- Halloween is my favourite--- I believe that I have mentioned that before tee hee

This little bag of Mill Hill beads and threads was cheap and I figured someone would use them...

I thought the sugar of this set would be a great orts bowl but couldn't leave the creamer.
 We then went to sushi with my brother and sister in law it was excellent company and sushi

 This is the latest purse project, am going to do it all in CC spinach and beads.

Ok minor blop on Happy Bunny Bunny Day but it's finished! Yipee!

This is my progress on Pumpkin Hill - I love it and am slowly stitching here as I don't want it to end... Crazy but true :)

I'm just home now from the mad set of errands I had to run. Now on to making dinner and maybe a glass of wine.

Until next time...


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