Friday, April 23, 2010

Big weekend ahead...

Good Friday all !

I am still suffering from a migraine - this knd of sucks. I opened today and had to leave a tad early because of the head. The Butler's have a huge weekend with soccer, Emma's rehearsals,Emma's Snow White performance and work. I wouldn't mind getting in a round of golf too but I am sure that goes to the bottom of the list.
On the stitching front I went to Angel night last night and didn't accomplish much but sure laughed a lot as usual. I have decided to work on the needlebook Thursdays and need to purchase a magnifier as 32 count gets smaller and smaller as the night moves on.I also need to find a set of long scroll bars for my "Big Zipper"- I have a great lapstand this project will be easy to work on. I have been working on a small project at work and one beside my bed. I will post pictures soon. Happy weekend everyone...


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