Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop me now...

I do not have pictures right now but I must report I went into the garage and pulled out a bag of  stitching items. I get this way when I am medicated from a migraine and I become a tad manic... I decide I have to do something right then and there , I then become overwhelmed and walk away from a mess. I am awesome! LOL. The mess I have left in the sticthing/office is not that bad but I did discover I should NOT have placed an on line needlework order as I had forgotten I have a BUNCH of super groovy stuff to stitch already...oops  let's not share this with Phil. I was able to order Christmas Hares from Plum Street today and a few other goodies so the guilt is not that bad... I have been plugging away at one of the projects I started this weekend and am ready to hit the pit.
 Phil and I were just discussing my big 40. My Mom ,twin sister Marnie and I are heading to Seattle to outlet shop . This is the second annual"run to for the border"birthday shopping spree. Before we head out it looks like we may be going to my niece's Mother's Day Tea - I am so excited !!! I love it when a plan comes together...:0) I hope you were able to follow all of this - until tomorrow- J


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