Monday, April 12, 2010

This past weekend and this coming one...

Hi All! ( I actually wonder who might be all if any but this blogging is fun!)

I spent most of Sunday organizing my craft protion of the stitching room/ office. The problem with that is while "organizing" a person discovers all the treasures one has collected. I like to collect lovely patterns and I have more projects than I will have hours to stitch but I love them all :) Here are some pictures of the progress
I am just getting started in there and must not get distracted by threads,fabric and more...

Onward to this weekend... The Thursday night ladies are coming over for the weekend. We are going to stitch, eat and maybe have a few beverages. We do this October each year and have so much fun. We head to the hills in October where there is no real contact from our non stitching lives. We won't get that this weekend but the Butler offspring and spouse are heading to my Mom's ( she is a Thurs night lady) and I will be forwarding all call to her phone lol:) I am going to start all new projects because I can. Oh well :)

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