Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As promised a whole bunch of rambling...

It's been a week of illness and migraines at the Chez Butler and it's time it stopped. I am quite determined to get my butt in gear today ( not sure if my body is ready but I'll let you know later) Emma is on the mend and full of spunk and energy- she exhausts me at times but bless her ,she is full of light. She had her first rehearsal last night for "The MiracleWorker"
She came home excited and energized. It's neat to see.
Maggie seems to be humming along - it's tough to read the teenage girls' mind so actions speak louder than words. She cleaned out her closet Sunday and gave some of her prized clothing possessions to her sister as hand me downs (hence the humming along). Maggie is one of the greatest people I know, she is steady and kind. I always tell people she is the best of both Phil and I. She is also an excellent cook. She made these fabulous brownies on Easter Monday.The icing was hand done and she mixed up the colours herself. She is a big help in the kitchen and if she keeps up the brownies I am hooped .

Ben (no this is not Ben) is the gamer as I have mentioned before. He was so excited when he and his Dad went to Blockbuster and he managed to con his Papa into buying this big a$$ Mario. He is the action figure king- is Mario an action figure?

That's what is going on in the Butler household and now on to the stitiching front... I am not sure if this picture has been up before. This is my version of |"Quaker Bat" I will make it a pillow before Halloween this year I am just looking for the right fabric.
Here are the "Very Merry Spring" eggs Emma and made last week. I hope to make them into "stuffed eggs" later this week . Emma's first attempt on linen turned out great.
Here is my latest one colour wonder, it's a ornament from the Just Cross Stitch Ornie issue. Emma is working on it too;)

I believe that is all for now. I am going to stitch a floss tag today to just try it :) I love "The Twisted Stitcher" she has some fabulous tutorials on how to do things and today is the day HA HAH! It's off to Michaels and perhaps the mall. A nap be in order as all this planning has made me tired lol :)

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  1. Hi Jill,

    This is your sister. Great stitching!! We will need to work on a Mario costume for Ben for Halloween :). Hope you are all now feeling better!!!


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