Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend now with pictures..

This past weekend the "Angels" came over for a sleepover weekend. We had a great time. We ate,drink some martinis and wine (sometimes together) stitched and laugh a lot ! This group of fabulous ladies are my close true friends. I am thankful that I decided I would attempt to stitch  a big a$$ angel eight years ago( still a ufo btw) and that I asked my Mom and great friend Sue to join me. We formed a support group that most likely needs a twelve step program as we are enablers... lol
I have all kinds of pictures - this is one of the "starts" I am stitching it on tea/VIA dyed and baked 32 count belfast- it was a lot of fun dying the fabric.This is the finished fabric. I dyed a big piece and think it will work for all knids of Halloween tye projects :)I ordered these Carriage House Samplings and I love to just look at them. I also got "One Stag Leaping" and I passed it on to my friend Sue and the stag looks like her greyhound Scout.These came in the mail the day before the ladies arrived! I LOVE each of them ... oh boy I need help!

Diana did these sheep the bottom right all french knots!!!! I like to call them "F" knots.
I also order these very cool scissors and my very talented friend Pam made us all groovy needlecases to suit our tastes. Sue and I got Halloween ones. My Mom got a fall theme, Lesia cats,Herb sail boats, Diana  dogs and Lorraine dragon flies. Our Pam is so clever. She has designed several surface pieces and is an instructor with EGA.
I managed to finish a few things this weekend - this mitten is done.These boots are so cute!
"Betty Boo" is done ;0) This is a really cool needlebook I have started- I imagine it will be a year long project but I love it too. My final start is the Big Zipper by Bent Creek. Yet another year long project . I relly like how big the count on this is as it will be great for when my eyes are tired.
That's it,that's all ! Whew... until next time :)

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