Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ok take two... Emma is 13!

Well Emma is officially 13 !We celebrate tonight at the Cabana - she is getting a pocket camcorder that hasn't arrived yet so I had her go online to look at this am. Her other gift from Ben and Mags hasn't arrived either which urks me a bit as it should have made it by now hmmmm.
I am importing some pictures as stitching --- 179 apparently  huh? Oh they are mostly of Emma and not of my stitching...hhhmmmm it is taking a while what a goober

Ok so once they actually are loaded here's what you are looking at

Angel ,Tina's stocking and Merry Christmas from my heart to yours.I have made some progress on the stocking... I have a wretched migraine so I have not done much of anything the past two days... I can't seem to get rid of this one.

I also have including a picture of Emma on the eve of her 13th birthday she was curling her hair with the sock method  lol - I said I so needed a picture and she said no you'll just post it on your blog --- right o . Here are Oscar and Felix too just for fun
They both sat nicely for their photos how cute is that!

That's all for me - I am off to pick up BoBo and take him to his tutor.

Until next time

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