Sunday, November 14, 2010

I did it ! 6miles

I managed 6 miles on the elliptical. It sucked big time but I managed it ! Woot Woot! The lungs are good although I have been hacking a little- lol...  I have not a whole lot on the stitching front as work has got in the way. The only problem with being sick is no one does the work for you! WHY IS THAT ???

On the kid and hubby front- Mags and Phil are getting excited for their trip across the pond. Phil talk to his best mate today on Skype. It was so cute... Emma and Ben are good--- themselves as per the usual. We are playing a game of  Nintendo Monopoly tonight (Brian and Marnie- I am sure Dad would support as I am teaching them to play by the rules even though Boardwalk and Park Place are now Mario and Luigi , houses are power up and hotels are invincible--- yeah I know!)  I will say that  I am liking that fact they want to play...

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