Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not much to show but here's what I got...

This is Merry Christmas from My Heart to Yours-It's a Carriage House (oop) I started it at the cabin and it is stitching up quickly.

I am still working on this Praire Schooler - as I mentioned before I lost my boo-jo and really couldn't find the motivation to completed it before Halloween. There is always next year:)
Lastly this is a JCS ornament that I have by my bed to stop me from eating.--- not that it's working but still the thought is there lol!

I am slowly on the mend and seriously shocked as to how this cold has kicked my a$$. I am off tomorrow to recupe and then it's back at it. I am a complete control freak so being away from my job for unplanned days does not sit well... Yes Starbucks has managed without me before but still.... lol

I am having trouble with my ipod  touch and it's wi-fi so that should keep me busy when I am not stitching. I love all kinds of gadget type things I just lack the inner techno geek- It is so bad that when Phil and I want to watch a movie downstairs we need Mags to set up the surround sound YES it's true!
My plan for the rest of the day/ night is to watch season 2 of Castle while my other shows are being PVRed and possibly booking plane tickets to England for Phil and Maggie. Wahoo! Life is Good!

Until next time,

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