Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Squawk on the Street and more...

Everyday (I'm home in the am that is...) I wake up to CNBC's Squawk on the Street. Phil is a market freak and today is no exception. We have shares in lulu lemon and it is doing well so he especially interested LOL. I,of course, am looking at Starbucks. It's a win win.

Phil and Mags head to England on Friday for two weeks. It will be great for them both. We non global travellers have great plans of holiday decrorating, acting workshops ,tutouring and general kp. Emma and Ben are not nearly as excited.

I have not done a whole lot of stitching. I am working on a stocking and started knitting scarves for Mags and Em (I just had the urge to knit...) I need to get on the stocking as it needs to be finished by th 20th in ordered to be sewn up in time. It just doesn't pack well so it doesn't come with me. It will have to start...

I am also training for the Phoenix Rock and Roll half for Jan so I am busy...

I audit Starbucks Experience today so work won't be too hectic. It's time to get the kids up  and moving.

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  1. william. update yer blog. :-) glad to hear that phil and mags made it to the homeland okey dokey.
    greetings from sunny puerto vallarta!

    see ya soon...!


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