Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's official...

Emma has strep throat and is on 10 days of meds. We are on day three of bed rest and I am a tad stir crazy. On the stitching front we are making great progress.
Emma is learning to stitch on linen. She has taken over my third " A Very Merry Spring" She is liking it so far and at least is keeping her mind busy--- if I have to watch one more "Say Yes to The Dress" or anything on the Slice network I may have to poke an eye out.... she is a complete junkie when it comes to TLC or Slice-Here are my two "A Very Merry Spring", the photographer(me) did not do the yellow justice it is very striking in person. Emma finished her Christmas Box. It looks great we are heading to the store to get gold thread and beads to finish it's a second shot of  the finishes... I'm going to work on Betty Boo today. That's all for now:)

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