Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off to Big White and stitching updates...

This my pin pillow exchange project. It's almost finished and then I will sew it up(that's Miss Emma in the background just awake helping her mom out ) Wish me luck ... I found instructions on the web from Own Two Hands. I bought some background fabric from Michaels so we shall see...
This is my purse/waiting for various offspring's appointments and practises to be done project. It is coming along slowly but surely. It stitches fast but I don't seem to have much time to pick it up
Here's CC's Halloween Apron- not much progress here but I figure by Halloween I should be able to make it a pillow or something.

We are off to Big White today for 5 nights and CAN NOT WAIT ! Our dear friend Todd is coming to look after the borders and house. The kids are super excited now if I could only get Ben out of bed to pack hmmmm

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