Monday, March 29, 2010

Kelly with the chicken pox...

When Maggie was fourish she came down the chicken pox. Her wonderful Auntie Neenie (who I have had known since conception as she is my twin sister) was here visiting for the weekend ,she came with me to the clinic to confirm the pox. After confirmation Auntie Neenie went out and bought Mags a Kelli Barbie that when wet came out in chicken pox. Mags made up a song - it went like this- Kelli with the chicken pox all sick in bed she's really really really sick she's sick sick sick sick sick...

I share this not because any of us have chicken pox but the silly song is running through my head. Emma and I are sick. I attempted to work today and now am taking and extra day this week to get rid of it. Emma and I are watching "Julie and Julia" and stitching. It's all good. I am just working on "A Very Merry Spring". I like the one colour wonders they go quickly and I don't have to think too much. I will post a picture tomorrow

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