Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What "we" are working on...

Well today is a sick day... yuck ! Emma and I are on day two of movies,fever and stitching. Here are some pictures I thought I would share...
this is the project Emma is working on. It's a little Christmas ornament. It's a set of three called  "Christmas Box Ornaments"
Here's the progress on "Betty Boo" it is coming along slowly
I started "A Very Merry Spring " Sunday night and it is a fast stitch. The picture is not the best but I blame my unsteady hand sorry...
This beautiful finish is not mine. My friend Herbie stitched it for me. I had the pattern in my stash and shared it with her. It was a wonderful surprise that she gave it to me! I am a very lucky girl. Lesia the talented framer of the group framed it up and it's perfect! That's all for now :)

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