Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pictures are coming...

I am officially on the mend and have the go ahead to be back at work Monday the 25th. YAY! I am not bored yet but really want to head back. I am building up my food intake and yesterday I managed to do some laundry. The kids and I watched Harry Potter 7 and it was just amazing! I managed some stitching and as soon as I find my camera I will post some pictures.

Today I must do the finishing on the LK exchange to send off this week. I am off to Michaels (hopefully my mom will want to venture out with me) to get some ideas or fabric ??? I then will be driving to various after school activities and tutors. Phil is working in Vernon and hopes to be home for dinner. HMMMM dinner that is another issue what to make? Oh well I guess I will stop at Safeway on my travels today... There also is the issue of Easter dinner... that's not for a few days right? I am getting ahead of myself.

Until next time...



  1. BUTLER!!!

    Wondering how my wonderful butler is doing and here is a play by play for me to catch up on all the doings of the Butler clan!!!

    Must catch up!

  2. Tammy! Yay! How's the new baby???? Yes we must catch up!

    Love you!



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